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Jerusalem Walking Tours

May 29, 2008, by

On June 7th, 1967, East and West Jerusalem were reunited. When the Israeli flag was proudly raised above the Western Wall, some of the battle-weary paratroopers who had fought to regain the Old City from Jordanian control were overcome with emotion — and burst into tears. Army Chief Chaplain Shlomo Goren blew the shofar as

Parshat Bamidbar: Coming to our Census (especially in the desert)

May 29, 2008, by

Skin blistered, ignorance bliss Throat parched, humor dry Eyes tearing, heart torn Feet dragging, mind drugged Lips chapped, nerves charred   Reach out with bloodied hands For that self-aggrandized image Blown-up like a surveillance shot Only to realize that it’s a mirage Fading with every step taken closer To nothing dressed in cellophane   (Things

Parshat Bechukotai: Path Illogical

May 22, 2008, by

Come upon a fork in the road:   To the right: A path running through angelic paradise Birds chirping and colorful flowers without Those absurd vowel names; thought streams and Heart bridges run in and around each other Like a-maze-meant sans hyphened-confusion. Dewy waterfalls gift wrapped in soft clouds And rain bows clear and innocent

Parshat Behar: Dreamland (as spoken on the mountain)

May 13, 2008, by

The seed of an idea (And the idea of a seed) Planted:   Work it, Man, by the sweat Of your skin and the dirt Under your fingernail; shape It, Divine Creature, by the Image of your beauty and the Imagination of your innocence. Let your soul kiss the soil, your Mind cultivate the land,

Parshat Emor: Well Said

May 8, 2008, by

Talk is cheap. Until you have something worthwhile to say – Then it’s priceless.   Silence is golden. Unless it’s done while blood is being spilled – Then it’s unspeakable.   It’s easy to speak, even to speak profoundly. (There is a fine line between lost & profound.) To pontificate takes merely a pontiff –

Parshat Kedoshim: Holygraphic

May 1, 2008, by

Mediocre instruments tend to play mediocre songs. Bland words tend to tell bland stories. And mundane people tend to perform mundane acts.   (It seems like:) We are mundane actors playing on a mundane stage – And though the script may be a work in progress, Progressively digressing, depressingly repressing, Our roles are invariably closer

Parshat Acharei: After Words

April 16, 2008, by

These words come after.   The sophisticated might call them Experience; Let us call them After Words: Words that cannot be denied, because They come post-event and are privy to The mistakes of the past so they can Inform the present and the future.   Or, for all intensive purposes (And grownup grammar school nerds):

Parshat Metzora: The Purist

April 10, 2008, by

As insensitive as it may sound, Sensitivity is not always synonymous With the human condition: We can very well hurt someone And remain immune to their pain.   Everything is in effect –   Cause ‘n’ effect: Nothing we do or don’t Do is inconsequential. (Just because we aren’t Always conscious of the Fact, doesn’t

Over the Hill and Into the Movies

April 10, 2008, by

OLD PEOPLE MAKING FILMS Filmmaking is no big deal in our generation. Pensioners learn how to make movies in community centers. There are high schools where the art of communication skills are taught. Everyone with a digital movie camera can produce a film for a birthday party, an anniversary or a memorial service. But frail