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Thoughts, ideas and Torah for each day of the Omer


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  • Special Mini-Shiurim for Pesach

    A new contributor to OU Torah and OU Holidays, Rabbi Yochanan Bechhofer has quickly become one of the most...
  • Thirty Days

    It’s Shushan Purim as I write this (Happy Shushan Purim if you’re reading it today!), which means that it’s...
  • Mishna Yomit – New Cycle Starts March 30!

    The OU’s Mishna Yomit program will start a new cycle on March 30, 2016. With Mishna Yomit, listeners can...
  • Tell Me Every Day by Day by Day

    (That’s a quote from the 1985 hit Day by Day. I could have quoted the 1971 hit of the...
  • ¿Se ha dado de cuenta?

    Durante various años, OU Torah ha estado conduciendo Perlas de la Tora por el Rabino Israel Lashak – inicialmente...
  • Biblical Archaeology

    Not just Biblical archaeology, but Talmudic archaeology. Also Jewish Thought archaeology, Tefillah archaeology and Kosher archaeology. What do we...

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