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Did the Bookkeeper of Auschwitz Redeem Himself?

March 20, 2018, by

I shouldn’t have to say this but Nazis are bad. Unambiguously, unequivocally bad. I point that out at the outset because of the possibility that someone will misinterpret my upcoming words and say that I’m defending a Nazi. That is absolutely not what’s going on here. That having been said, you may have heard that

A Woman’s Place, In and Out of the Tent

March 19, 2018, by

I happened to notice that last week, the 26th of Adar, was the yartzheit of Sarah Schenirer, the founder of Bais Yaakov. I didn’t go to Bais Yaakov, but my mother did, and if the light in her eyes when she told stories about her school and principal weren’t enough to instill me with an

Slaves to Our Peers?

March 14, 2018, by

I am observing a class. The teacher is giving a familiar lesson before Pesach, namely, the four names of the holiday. Chag Ha’Aviv (holiday of the spring), Z’man Cheiruteinu (Holiday of Freedom), Chag HaMatzot (holiday of matza), Chag HaPesach (holiday of passing over/Paschal lamb). The kids unquestioningly write down the answers. Come to think of

The Convert, the Orphan, the Widow… and Pesach

March 14, 2018, by

In Parshas Ki’tzeseh is says lo sateh mishpat ger, yasom v’lo sachvol beged almana. V’zocharta ke eved hayisah b’mitzraim. “You shall not pervert the judgment of a convert or orphan, and you shall not take the garment of a widow as a pledge. You shall remember that you were a slave in Egypt,” and the

Our Embarrassing Relatives

March 12, 2018, by

I have never heard of these women and I’ve barely heard of their mother. Apparently, the four Oshry sisters are social media stars. (Yes, that’s a thing.) The four sisters – Claudia, Jackie, Margo and Olivia – run Instagram meme and food accounts under the names @GirlWithNoJob, @JackieOProblems, @HungoverAndHungry_ and @OliviaOshry with a cumulative 2.8

My Year of Kaddish

March 8, 2018, by

It is hard to believe that it has been over 2 years since my father died. After shiva I felt an emptiness that is hard to describe. I had regularly called my Dad, and faithfully visited him in England especially as his health declined. As the end drew near, we all suffered along with him.

Pesach: Freedom from Stuff

March 7, 2018, by

I love this time of year – in particular, the month leading up to Pesach. It’s not that I don’t get stressed over preparations for the approaching holiday, because I do. I even get stressed over the articles that pop up telling us how not to be stressed. “Don’t worry; you don’t have to scrub

When Did “Prayer” Become a Dirty Word?

March 5, 2018, by

“Thoughts and prayers” are out of fashion. We first saw pushback to “thoughts and prayers” following the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting. It intensified in 2015, in the wake of the Paris and San Bernardino attacks. Following the recent Florida school shooting, the online community no longer has any patience whatsoever for “thoughts and prayers.” Initially,

Esther, Margaret and the Weasels: A Lesson in Creativity

February 28, 2018, by

When a friend recently described me as creative, I was flattered but not at all sure she was right. True, I manage the occasional bit of amateur artwork with my kids’ fruits and vegetables. My crowning achievement: a stegosaurus made out of a cantaloupe for my son’s fifth birthday party. (He’s almost ten and I’m

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