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A Dozen More Orphans

March 20, 2019, by

Watching footage of the security camera’s video of this week’s terrorist attack at the Ariel junction and seeing the Arab perpetrator walking towards the bus stop where nineteen-year-old soldier Gal Keidan was patrolling, a voice inside me screamed at Gal to do something, to somehow avoid the tragedy about to occur. I learned of the

A Higher Standard: The Price of Fame

March 18, 2019, by

You’ve probably seen the news about the recent college admissions cheating scandal, in which wealthy parents paid exorbitant sums to buy their children’s way into prestigious colleges. The last time I looked, about 50 people had been indicted in this scandal but one name stands out, featuring again and again in news stories and social

The Blessed Wigmaker: Peyos and the Power of Identity

March 18, 2019, by

A Chasid boarded a plane and took his seat next to a woman who, as it happened, was also Jewish. After squirming in her seat quietly for several minutes, she turned to him with a scowl. “Jews like you,” she said, “you give the rest of us a bad name.” She then felt comfortable to

Freezing in Crisis

March 13, 2019, by

I once got a call from a friend whose husband had just been in an accident. Her preschool-aged son, around the same age as my daughter (I had two kids at the time), had a friend over and she wanted to bring them both to my house so she could join her husband at the

Understanding Hakarat HaTov

March 5, 2019, by

The maintenance crew at Touro’s Lander College for Men works so hard every day. Whatever needs to get done, whether painting the walls in the student government office or cleaning the bathrooms at least three times a day, the crew does it with a smile. I felt it was so important to recognize them publicly with a special

Leaving Behind Our Spiritual DNA

March 4, 2019, by

I’m hesitant to springboard an article using something I read in Reader’s Digest but I always like to start at the beginning. My hesitancy to cite Reader’s Digest comes from my own prejudices about the magazine, based on the assumption that its readership is primarily women of a certain age, which I am not. (My wife

Finding Confidence – Or Doing Without

March 4, 2019, by

An internet search of the phrase “self-confidence” produces pages and pages of results, and they seem to basically all be articles about raising low self-esteem. Not until the third page did I find a title that seemed to be about high self-esteem – and even that turned out to be misleading: The section titled “Range

God on Your TV

February 26, 2019, by

A few months ago, a colleague suggested a television program called The Good Place, a highly-rated show that follows the adventures of a group of friends in the afterlife. My colleague thought that not only would I enjoy the show, it might make a good subject for an article. While my wife and I really

Purim Do’s and Don’ts

February 25, 2019, by

Purim has always been my favorite holiday. (While we have not yet welcomed the month with Purim, it is Adar. If I can already be thinking about how to use up a Costco box of crackers before Pesach, we can all certainly be thinking about Purim – especially in areas that might take some planning.)