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NCSY’s Ben Zakkai Honor Society Presents Its 2024 Candidate...
Message from Ben Zakkai Chair Isabelle Novak:  It is my pleasure to give you the chance to meet our new candidate members. Ben Zakkai is NCSY’s “Alumni Hall of Fame” and...
Jul 15, 2024
By OU Staff
I Have No Words 
You’ve said it.    I’ve said it.    We’re overwhelmed and we encounter something so bizarre or so magnificent that the words don’t come. So, we say, “I have no words.”  However,...
Mar 22, 2023
By Jeff Korbman
I Didn’t Cry…
“I didn’t cry… but I came really close. And, truth be told, grandpa did.” Jeff Korbman, OU Director of Foundations & Strategic Partnerships, describes his meaningful experience on a recent trip...
Jan 18, 2023
By Jeff Korbman
Book Review: Dimensions in Chumash
Book Review: Dimensions in Chumash
Dimensions in Chumash: Bereishis * Shemos Rabbi Immanuel Bernstein Mosaica Press 534 pages As editor of the OU Torah web site, literally dozens of shiurim and divrei Torah cross my virtual...
Oct 3, 2022
By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz
World Mourns the Loss of Kurt Rothschild, z”l
With profound sadness, the Orthodox Union joins the Jewish world in mourning the passing of Mr. Kurt Rothschild, z”l, who passed away on Sunday in Israel. Mr. Rothschild was the longtime president of the...
Jul 21, 2022
By OU Staff
Bikur Cholim: The Art of Meeting People Where They’re...
Jul 7, 2022
By Aliza Pilchowski
Lessons Learned From My Mother, Rebbetzin Henny Machlis
Jul 7, 2022
By Elisheva Rosenthal
Make This Summer Super Simple for You and Your...
It is that time of year again. Summer is here! It often strikes dread in the hearts of parents. However, we can enjoy our summers. We can keep it simple and...
Jun 29, 2022
By Adina Soclof
Memorial Day Memories: A Visit to Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Memorial Day Memories: A Visit to Walter Reed Army...
As a congregational rabbi, I often visit people in hospitals and other health care facilities. While each building may look different, with the exception of one hospital I vividly remember visiting,...
May 29, 2022
By Rabbi Akiva Males
Book Review: The Shakespeare Haggadah
Book Review: The Shakespeare Haggadah
The Shakespeare Haggadah Martin Bodek 200 pages Post Hill Press, 2022 A few years ago, I reviewed Martin Bodek’s first Haggadah, The Emoji Haggadah. Written completely (and I do mean “completely!”) in...
Apr 6, 2022
By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

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