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Tips for Fasting

July 16, 2018, by

PREPARING FOR THE FAST: • Begin drinking on a consistent basis 36 hours beforehand. Increase your fluids by 25% or 30%. • Eat more fruit, particularly fruit that is dense in fluid, like melon and watermelon. Fruits help retain the liquid you are consuming. • If you are a coffee or caffeinated tea drinker or

Saying Goodbye to Trans-Fat

July 10, 2018, by

That smell!  The one I smell passing the many bakeries on the way in to work in the morning.  The one when you walk into the Kabalas Panim (cocktail hour) at a wedding when you get closer to the hot dishes being served or carved.  And the one you smell Erev Shabbos in your neighborhood. 

Putting People Before Disabilities

July 6, 2018, by

Did you ever read George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984? Written in 1948, it takes place in the then-far-flung future of… well, 1984. In the superstate of Oceania, the official language is called Newspeak. This language has been artificially constructed to control thought. In addition to eliminating bothersome concepts from the language, the Party (rulers of

Eat Out and Enjoy It

June 25, 2018, by

Sixty or seventy years ago, eating out in a restaurant or buying takeout food was practically nonexistent in our community.  A kosher eatery was very rare in those times, most people probably weren’t able to spend any extra money on what at the time was an extravagance.  Even in the non–Jewish world, the idea of

The Unreasonable Request

June 25, 2018, by

The consultation with Mrs. Burger was just about as parve as it could be until I asked a question about her surgical history. “I’m sorry,” I said as I was quite confused by her answer. “Your husband wants you to do what?” There was no way I’d heard her correctly.  But then Mrs. Burger repeated

Summer’s Here – Take Some Precautions

June 21, 2018, by

The weather this spring has been crazy.  Here in Yerushalayim, unusually heavy rains at the end of April and even some rain into mid-May has had those of us who have lived here for a while talking about the weather quite a bit.  Unusual cold in the Eastern third of the United States and unusual

Connecting to the Churban Through Personal Adversity

June 18, 2018, by

Rabbi Shmuel Bloom talks about his life-changing experience and dealing with personal adversity. How do we connect to the churban? We all have our own personal churban, how do we overcome those events. How can we use that to imagine what it must have been like to suffer the loss of the Beit HaMikdash? How

Trigger Warning: Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain

June 12, 2018, by

This article is not only about trigger warnings, it also is one: we are going to address suicide. Please stop here if you find such discussions triggering. People of my generation tend to scoff at the ubiquity of trigger warnings, content warnings and other emotional accommodations afforded in this day and age. Things like a

When I Went Shopping This Week

June 6, 2018, by

I usually do the grocery shopping.  And I usually go mid-week on the way home from work.  Needless to say, we make an effort to buy healthier choices.  But I’ve noticed lately, that the most innocent items on my wife’s shopping list are becoming a real challenge.  This past Wednesday I went to the grocery

Eat Those Fruits

May 31, 2018, by

This past Shabbos brought a certain amount of stress with it.  Stress on Shabbos?  Why?  A day away from work, removed from phones and technology and a day with more time to learn, daven and rest.  We were looking forward to guests for Shabbos lunch but this was exactly the root of the problem.  You