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Rosh Hashonah 5779

September 5, 2018, by

As we approach the New Year of 5779, Haba Aleinu L’tovah, there is always a certain amount to reflect upon looking back at the past year as well as some trepidation in terms of what awaits us in the coming year. This past year has been one of the most interesting years I’ve had since

The 23-Day Challenge

August 28, 2018, by

We are now focusing on the approaching Yom HaDin.  And as much as this is a time for spiritual preparation, it is also a time when practical preparation for the upcoming 23 days beginning with Rosh Hashanah can go a long way toward preserving our health.  This time period also includes Yom Kippur, Succos, Chol

A Comprehensive Look at Stress

August 23, 2018, by

Stress is a subject that I write about from time to time because I see all too often the damage it does to our health and wellbeing.  I see it from clients and I see it with friends.  And we happen to live in a society where the demands made upon us are unreasonable.  Whether

When it Doesn’t Work, it’s Time to Change the Approach

August 14, 2018, by

If you are a frequent reader of my columns, then you already know how I feel about diets.  But it’s not about how I feel, it’s much more about what we know works and what we know doesn’t work.  We have created a mentality that is faulty.  This includes governments, doctors, and big business.  For

My Week in a Wheelchair

August 8, 2018, by

As I write this, I am recuperating from spine surgery. I found this experience to be very enlightening so it’s going to inform the content of my writing over the next few weeks. Long story short, I threw my back out in March. When it didn’t bounce back, I went to a doctor, who diagnosed

Summer Vacations

August 7, 2018, by

Adina has been a long time client who is always watching her weight very carefully.  Even during the Chagim, she holds her own and barely gains weight.  But now it’s summer and for Adina, this is the one time of year that is truly her downfall when it comes to keeping her weight in a

Putting Sugar in Its Place

You know the scenario. “May I have a treat, please?” “Just one more, Mommy. Just one more. I promise. That’s it. I PROMISE” This is about candy and nosh. It goes on in school. It goes on in camp. It goes on at home. Candy and nosh are everywhere. And it even goes on in

Exercise – It’s a Must!

July 25, 2018, by

It’s 2018 and there is still a terrible misconception regarding exercise and activity or the absence thereof.  This was typified this past week when a consultation came into my office.  Yonah is age 49.  He came to talk about a few health issues he is having.  Fatigue, tiredness, pre-diabetes and borderline high blood pressure.  Yonah

Tips for Fasting

July 16, 2018, by

PREPARING FOR THE FAST: Begin drinking on a consistent basis 36 hours beforehand. Increase your fluids by 25% or 30%. Eat more fruit, particularly fruit that is dense in fluid, like melon and watermelon. Fruits help retain the liquid you are consuming. If you are a coffee or caffeinated tea drinker or a chocoholic, it’s

Saying Goodbye to Trans-Fat

July 10, 2018, by

That smell!  The one I smell passing the many bakeries on the way in to work in the morning.  The one when you walk into the Kabalas Panim (cocktail hour) at a wedding when you get closer to the hot dishes being served or carved.  And the one you smell Erev Shabbos in your neighborhood.