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Looking for the Grave of a Tzaddik? There’s an App for That
Looking for the Grave of a Tzaddik? There’s an...
Imagine this: you’re traveling through a foreign country and you wonder which holy teachers and spiritual leaders are buried in the area. A notification pops up on your phone: the yartzheit...
Feb 17, 2016
By Rishe Groner
Listen: Savitsky Talks: The Benefits and Consequences of Today’s...
In this segment of Savitsky Talks, Steven speaks to Dr. Eli Shapiro,  a social entrepreneur and creator of the Digital Citizenship Project that aims to teach children a healthy attitude towards technology....
Oct 21, 2015
By Stephen Savitsky
One Heck of a Ma’aser Check
One Heck of a Ma’aser Check
  With a $39 million dollar check from Microsoft, fortunate are those to be on the receiving end of Shloma Baum’s ma’aser check. The Satmar Chassid from Kiryas Joel recently sold...
Jul 21, 2015
By OU Staff
Is the KosherSwitch Kosher?
Note: The Orthodox Union does not endorse this product. We’ll begin by saying, as OU staff writers, we don’t know and that the halachic authorities at the Orthodox Union have not...
Apr 16, 2015
By OU Staff
Sin Got Your Goat?
According to tradition, on the day of Yom Kippur the Kohen Gadol transfers the sins of the Jewish people on to a goat that was then sent off into the wilderness...
Sep 30, 2014
By Michael Orbach
Are You Mossad Material?
Is there a Jewish James Bond among us? The Mossad seems to think so. Israel’s super-secretive intelligence agency recently launched an online recruitment campaign, complete with promotional video and application. Watch...
Sep 29, 2014
By OU Staff
Does Israel Have the Answer to Ebola?
Protalix, an Israeli biopharmaceutical company located outside of the northern city of Carmiel, said Saturday that it has the resources to produce the experimental Ebola vaccine, ZMapp, which has recently run...
Sep 8, 2014
By OU Staff
Justine Has Landed But The Feathers Are Still Flying
Justine Has Landed But The Feathers Are Still Flying
In a well-known Chasidic tale, a rabbi wishes to demonstrate the consequences of lashon hara to a habitual gossip. He has the man cut open a pillow and scatter the feathers...
Dec 24, 2013
By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About RSS Feeds (But Were Afraid to Ask), and More!
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About RSS Feeds...
My mother, who at age 60 something attained enlightenment by earning the coveted Microsoft Certified Service Administration certification, absolutely bowled me over the other day with one of her 2 sentence...
Oct 26, 2010
By Joyce Schur
Neuroscience and Religion
Neuroscience and Religion
As an Orthodox Jew and a science writer, I have the unhappy task of breaking some bad news to my fellow-believers of all religions. If you thought evolution was a threat...
Jan 19, 2006
By Haim Watzman

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