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Latest Past Events

SPIRIT: Understanding Medicare: Review and 2023 Updates

 Understanding Medicare – Review and 2023 Updates What is Medicare Why am I getting bombarded with so many emails, telemarketing calls, flyers? Who can I trust for accurate information New Part-D Deductible What are the Parts of Medicare? Typical costs for Medicare? Should I be on Medicare if I’m still working, on my employer plan, […]

SPIRIT: A Minute of Memory Matters

A Minute of Memory Matters: 7 quick tips to improve your memory How to remember where you parked your car How to use visualization to remember important things One basic memory technique that can be used in many everyday cases. Some tips for recall A fun brain exercise using your fingers SPIRIT is happy to […]

SPIRIT: An Ex”salmon”ation of Kosher Fish

An Ex”salmon”ation of Kosher Fish How do I know if a fish is kosher or not? Can I buy fish from a non-kosher fish store? What’s the story with buying salmon at Costco? Presented by:  Rabbi Chaim Goldberg Rabbi Chaim Goldberg just celebrated his 20th anniversary running the fish desk at OU Kosher. Rabbi Goldberg […]