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Heartfelt Words

November 15, 2007, by

She is sad. People talk of dividing her soul in two, of breaking her heart into a million little pieces, of placing her very essence on the cutting board. Do you know what a broken heart looks like? Do you know how sad? I didn’t until that forgettable day. It was beautiful, perfect: the weather

Journal Writing: An Experience in Owning One’s Life

November 8, 2007, by

My best writing is in my journal. Closed to the world, but completely open for my eyes and Hashem’s. A place for dreams, visions, dialogues, regrets, memories, remorse, resuscitations, conflict resolutions, agendas, lists, letters written—mailed—and received without leaving the page. Chaotic garden of tall weeds and blossoms hidden in the undergrowth. If it weren’t for

On Jewish Mothers and Their Writing

November 8, 2007, by

It’s getting late and the writing workshop’s about to adjourn, but one of the women has one more poem: it’s short, she assures them, and something composed after breakfast that morning. Around the table sit an unmarried, newly religious sculptor from Greenwich Village; a frum-from-birth grandmother from Boro park; a religious Zionist in her sixties,

Giving Thanks to The Land of Israel

October 18, 2007, by

Giving Thanks to The Land of Israel by Mendel Jacobson Though the reasons for thanking you are endless, and no matter how many times I do thank you there will always be another and another thank you to be said, nevertheless, here are 20 ways I have found to begin thanking you for all that

Through Water and Fire

September 25, 2007, by

He sees the man dancing as if there are no worries in the world. His legs pump in a rhythm only his soul could produce. He looks like a flame, flickering on and on, reaching for a place beyond anything he has ever known. Wow, how could that man be so happy? “Which man?” Startled,

Up on the Hills, Down in the Valleys

August 16, 2007, by

It is daybreak and we are in a cloud. White purity lingers over the hills and fine dew settles upon the land. The grapevines and olive trees awake, slowly, immersing themselves in heaven’s misty spring, sipping warm, cloudy morning coffee. From somewhere nearby a rooster calls and from afar the sun answers – hesitantly –

For Love and a Prayer

July 19, 2007, by

I lean on her and she leans on me. She is cool and fresh under my skin and I’m sure my skin is warm and flushed on her heart. I close my eyes and say a prayer. For what do I pray? I do not know. It is a prayer I cannot remember. It is

A Visual Taste of Jewish New York

June 26, 2007, by

The German-born photographer and writer Julian Voloj explores aspects of identity and heritage in his work. In 2003 Julian Voloj was awarded with the Second Prize at the Washington Post Annual Photography Contest. Voloj was commissioned to portrait “Jewish New York” for the book “A Living Lens”, a book that Jonathan Safran Foer called “not

When Heaven Met Earth

May 17, 2007, by

It is nighttime and all are asleep. A cool breeze blows through my tangled hair, fresh in the desert air. It is so quiet and clear, like a simple black-and-white photograph. It seems like morning will never come, but I know it will. How can anyone sleep: doesn’t the excitement make them restless? As I

The Four Suns

March 29, 2007, by

The sun shines with the same warmth on the gutters as it does on the palaces, just as it rains with the same force on the prisons as it does on the country clubs. However, don’t let nature’s deceptive, well, nature, fool you – though the elements may be the same, their subjects are definitely