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Each and every day, countless Jewish individuals around the world are positively impacted by the work of the Orthodox Union, with its array of religious, youth, social action, educational, public policy and community development services, programs and activities.

Inquiry Form

The Orthodox Union welcomes your inquiry and will attempt to route it to the appropriate party. Due to the volume of inquiries, however, we will not be able to respond to each one. All fields be​​​​low are required. Thank you.

OU Directories Listing

Executive Vice President / Chief Professional Officer Rabbi Moshe Hauer 1.212.613.8198
Executive Vice President/Chief Operations Officer Rabbi Dr. Josh Joseph 1.212.613.8334
Chief Institutional Advancement Officer Arnold Gerson 1.212.613.8313
Chief Financial Officer / Chief Administrative Officer Shlomo Schwartz 1.212.613.8399
General Counsel Rachel Sims, Esq. 1.646.459.5183
Senior Managing Director Rabbi Steven Weil 1.212.613.8101
Executive Vice President, Emeritus Allen Fagin 1.212.613.8381
Executive Vice President, Emeritus Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb
Chief Information Officer Sam Davidovics, Ph.D. 1.212.613.8333
Chief Marketing Officer Craig M. Goldstein
Chief Human Resources Officer Lenny Bessler 1.212.613.8120
Media Contact
Pepa & Rabbi Joseph Karasick Department of Synagogue Services Rabbi Adir Posy 1.212.613.8184
Heshe & Harriet Seif Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus Rabbi Ilan Haber 1.718.865.8203
OU Advocacy Center Nathan Diament 1.202.513.6484
OU Israel Rabbi Avi Berman 011.972.2.560.9100
Jewish Action Magazine Nechama Carmel 1.212.613.8147
NCSY Rabbi Micha Greenland 1.212.613.8380
OU Press Rabbi Simon Posner 1.212.613.8235
Yachad Avrohom Adler 1.212.613.8118
Women's Initiative Rebbetzin Dr. Adina Shmidman 1.212.613.8228
Teach Coalition Maury Litwack 1.212.613.8132
Israel Free Spirit Sharon Darack 1.212.613.8149
Torah Initiatives David Pardo 1.212.613.5144
Kosher Food Lifeline Alison Deal 1.212.613.8336
OU Center for Communal Research Matt Williams 1.212.613.5164
OU Impact Accelerator Jenna Nelson Beltser 1.212.613.5150
Rabbinic Administrator/Chief Executive Officer Rabbi Menachem Genack 1.212.613.8215
Executive Rabbinic Coordinator/Chief Operating Officer Rabbi Moshe Elefant 1.212.613.8211
Executive Rabbinic Coordinator Rabbi Yaakov Luban 1.212.613.8214
Executive Rabbinic Coordinator / Director of Operations Rabbi Moshe Zywica 1.212.613.8219
Senior Rabbinic Coordinator Rabbi Nachum Rabinowitz 1.212.613.8206