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Moshe and Modern Technology
Did Moshe know everything, including science and technology? Was he capable of building spaceships and nuclear missiles? Among Torah scholars, there seem to be two answers to those questions. We find...
Nov 4, 2021
By Rabbi Gil Student
Women Immerse Themselves in Prophets and Psalms
The daily study of a chapter of Nach (Nach is an acronym for Neviim and Ketuvim — the Prophets and Writings in the Hebrew Bible) is as beautiful a concept as...
Jan 28, 2021
By Sara Malka Winter
Should Jonathan Pollard Bentch HaGomel?
Jonathan Pollard is now a completely free man, having finished last Friday his five years of parole following 30 years in jail after pleading guilty to spying on the United States....
Nov 24, 2020
By Rabbi Gil Student
Remembering Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks zt”l
The Orthodox Union joins the Jewish community and the world in mourning the loss of Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, zt”l. Rabbi Sacks, Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom for 22...
Nov 11, 2020
By OU Staff
Listen: OU Kosher COO Rabbi Moshe Elefant on the...
A longtime Daf Yomi presenter, OU Kosher COO Rabbi Moshe Elefant talks to Nachum Segal on JM in the AM about his popular digital shiur, the Siyum HaShas and the new...
Jan 2, 2020
By OU Staff
Selichot, Teshuva and Elections in Israel
As Selichot commence this Saturday night (for Ashkenazim), the buildup to the Great Days begins in earnest. These are days of judgement, of pronounced Divine Presence but also days of identity-crafting....
Sep 19, 2019
By Rabbi Moshe Taragin
OU President Moishe Bane Previews Torah NY with Nachum...
OU President Moishe Bane Previews Torah NY 2019 – to be held on Sunday, September 22 at Citi Field. To register, please visit
Aug 1, 2019
By OU Staff
Ben Zion Shenker z”l: The Music Fades with the Loss of a Friend
Ben Zion Shenker z”l: The Music Fades with the...
The sad demise of Ben Zion Shenker has left a void which cannot be filled in the world of Jewish spirituality. Our nation has been able to slowly begin to recover...
Nov 21, 2016
By Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb
Put Awe Back in Awesome
The home of the great composer Ludwig van Beethoven has been preserved and serves as a museum in Bonn, Germany.  One historical gem in the museum is the piano upon which...
Sep 20, 2016
By Rabbi Efrem Goldberg
Selichot: Learning to Listen to Leaders
As Ashkenazim begin saying selichot this Motzaei Shabbat, it works out well that this is the sermon of Aruch HaShulchan’s that we’re up to… The Kinds of People We’ll Heed Amos...
Sep 20, 2016
By Rabbi Dr. Gidon Rothstein

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