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There are so many individuals who devote their time, resources, and careers to enhancing Jewish life and impacting the Jewish community. Our new profile series, Meet the OU, will introduce you to these dedicated professionals and lay leaders who power all of the OU’s programs and services.

Rabbi Simon Taylor, An Architect of Jewish Community

March 29, 2023, by

Architecture – that was the career Rabbi Simon Taylor was working toward when he decided he’d rather help build the Jewish community than houses.   Growing up in London, England, Rabbi Taylor’s parents, both attorneys, encouraged their children to pursue not just college degrees but clear professional pathways. But in the midst of his university studies,

Just Do It: OU Board Member Efrat Zisblatt Dives Right In

February 2, 2023, by

OU board member Efrat (Effie) Zisblatt is a doer. The Cornell and Stanford-educated lawyer who also holds an MA in Economics, has raised four children who are beautifully emulating her values of Torah U’maddah, and has served on the boards of various school and community organizations. “I’m a hands-on person, and I want to use

For Avromie Adler, International Director of Yachad, Integration Is Key

November 30, 2022, by

Jewish communal work is in Avromie Adler’s DNA. “My mother worked the Sunday morning shift at Cleveland’s chevrah kadisha (society of Jewish people who prepare the deceased for burial) for years, and my father would take the shirt off his back for anyone who needed help in our community,” recalls Adler. “Watching my parents do