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Emor: Counting the Omer

May 5, 2011, by

From the day following Pesach until the day before Shavuot, we count the 50 days of Omer. The name Omer comes from the measure of barley offered in the Mikdash on the day after Pesach. The count continues until Shavuot, when the special two loaves are brought. Both of these offerings are unusual. The Omer

Acharei Mot-Kedoshim: Music During Sefira

April 27, 2007, by

The time of counting omer is one of partial mourning due to the deaths of the students of Rabbi Akiva during this period (SA OC 493:1) as well as other tragedies which various communities experienced specifically at this time of year. One aspect of this mourning is that it is forbidden to listen to instrumental