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Parshat Tazria: Newborn

April 3, 2008, by

Born pure into an impure world. And why shouldn’t a babe cry.   Birth, the greatest miracle of all – The birth of a child, the birth of An idea, the birth of a concept, the Birth of a dream, the birth of a world – The birth of birth itself.   The greatest miracle

Parshat Shemini: Love & Eight

March 27, 2008, by

This isn’t a numbers game.   And I could give you 1,000 Reasons why and will Therefore give you 0. It isn’t a numbers game But numbers tell the story. (In this extraordinary case, A whole lot better than words.)   Seven and Earth – They go so well together, Like peanut butter and jelly,

Parshat Tzav: Fortune & Flame

March 20, 2008, by

Icicles dangle from eyelashes where Tears used to be. Fingertips and Blue lips being gnawed on by frostbite With an insatiable appetite.   Stone-cold hearth’s pop-cycle frozen in time; Diamond stars of frosty Heaven-Up – Ice-cubes in the flat Coke of night.   It is way below zero in this tundra optimists call World And,

Parshat Vayikra: Beauty and the Priest

March 11, 2008, by

A two-legged creature with a four-legged limp Half skips, half stumbles at the fork in the road: A vibrant heart beat to animal bliss; A human mind dulled to an animal instinct –   A beautiful soul trapped in a beastly body.   It wishes to come loose, to come close, to come home –

Parshat Pekudei: An Open Account

March 5, 2008, by

These are the accounts…   Let me give you an account (Though it is not a bank account It is an account you can bank on) Of a people, individuals who were Accounted for.   An account, an open account, of an Oasis in the desert, a home made with Mundane material but of a

Parshat Vayakhel: Assembly Required

February 27, 2008, by

It is the morning after and Pieces are spread all over the place Like crystal colliding with a Porcelain floor; or perhaps one of Those ten-thousand-morsel puzzles At the mercy of a kindergarten filled With mischievous grins.   It is the morning after and It is time to begin Perfecting a world Building a home

Parshat Ki Tisa: A Golden Calf and a Silver Lining

February 21, 2008, by

They came with all that’s gold; But not all that’s gold glitters. With rings of fire they came – Earrings, bickerings, sufferings – And burnt it all alive.   A golden heart once pure, Untouched by the smith’s tongs – Now a cold slab of metal Clanking against the steel ribcage Of an unforgiving coffin.

Parshat Tetzaveh: High Fashion

February 13, 2008, by

They’ve been around a while. Ever since we became self-conscious Back when we left the Garden, blushing.   Those weren’t bought off-the-rack and Neither were they particularly haute or haughty – After all, everyone was wearing the same thing.   But things have since evolved and today is Where we’re at – or, more punitively,

Waiting for Daisy

February 6, 2008, by

Her best chance to have a child is to carry and nurture the egg of another.
She cannot decide if it’s a chance she wants to take.

Painting Her Way From Darkness to Light

January 10, 2008, by

Between 1976 and 1983, Argentina was under military rule. During this period, Jews were increasingly targeted for kidnapping and torture by the ruling junta: about 1,000 of the 9,000 known victims of state terrorism were Jews. At the age of 19, Laura Murlender was abducted by government forces and placed in solitary confinement. For 11