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Growing Your Family Through Pesach 2018

March 20, 2018, by

“Dr. Lightman.  Pesach is looming. It’s f-f-f-f-family time. And my children are not exactly picture perfect. What am I going to do?” I remember those days. My children are awesome but hardly perfect (my grandchildren are awesome and perfect). Somehow, our kids don’t “perform” just because we ring a bell. Family get-togethers can be loaded

Gratitude: More Than Just Manners

February 27, 2018, by

Many parenting writers emphasize the importance of teaching gratitude to children in order that they be polite. While the concept of derekh eretz incorporates refinement and etiquette, a Torah outlook considers gratitude to be much more than just politeness. Indeed, Rabbi Eliyahu Dessler (1892-1953) explains that the root of gratitude is the desire of a

Guiding Our Children in the Path of Avraham Avinu

February 7, 2018, by

When asked to identify a Biblical personality associated with hospitality, there is one person whom we all would choose. Avraham Avinu, to whom we allocate the general accolade of ish chesed (man of kindness) is particularly distinguished by his hachnasat orchim (hospitality), extended (in partnership with Sarah) with enthusiasm and under difficult circumstances to the

In Defense of Complexity: Parenting in the Digital Age

January 15, 2018, by

In recent years I have had the opportunity to research and lecture on technology ownership trends and behaviors among Jewish pre-teens and teens and study their impact on functioning. During that time, I have had wonderful interactions with caring and concerned parents, school faculty, mental health professionals and community leaders on how to best address

Choices, Habits and Changes

December 27, 2017, by

People are often amazed to discover that I still daven regularly – twice a day – even with one, two, three, four kids. I would hate to misrepresent myself or my spiritual devotion, though, so I think it’s important to share just what my “prayer” looks like. Once, when my oldest was a toddler, I

Should I Push My Kids to Daven?

November 16, 2017, by

It’s Sunday morning and I am engaging in the same internal battle that many frum parents experience: It’s the one “day off” of the week. Whereas every day, I need to wrest my kids’ soft cheeks from their cozy sleeping state and urge everyone to get dressed quickly before we make our mad dash out

Teaching our Children to Anticipate Israel

November 9, 2017, by

A friend of mine recently shared the following story from his daughter’s Jewish preschool. Before the start of school, his child’s teacher requested the parents send in a picture of their child on a family trip to Israel to use for the class bulletin board. My friend was very upset. At first, I couldn’t understand

When Parents Have a Bad Day

November 2, 2017, by

Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days. Call it bad karma or say that G-d has a sense of humor; whatever the cause, we all have them, and what we’ve learned from Alexander, is that they even have them in Australia. The kind of day that starts off when your kids are moving like sloths

In Defense of Small Weddings

October 30, 2017, by

We were not surprised when our daughter announced her engagement this past spring. She and her fiancé had been together for two and a half years by then, maintaining their intercontinental relationship as they traveled back and forth between his home in England and hers here in the U.S. while they finished their degrees. By

When You Need Another Mother to Do the Mothering For You

September 11, 2017, by

It was late on a Tuesday evening when my 23 year old daughter texted me that she had been having chills, a 101 degree fever, and a rash had broken out all over her body. She was 1,000 miles away in a town I’d never seen, doing her required summer internship between her first and

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