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The Best Parenting Phrases: Quick Ways to Help You Parent Better

January 18, 2022, by

So often, our parenting seems to happen in a blur. This seems to be even more true now, in the midst of the winter. We are tired, our kids are tired, and then we say the wrong thing and find ourselves embroiled in a power struggle, yelling or just totally exasperated with our kids. As

Teaching Children With Learning Disabilities to Persevere

October 18, 2021, by

“For a righteous man can fall seven times and rise…” (Proverbs, 24:16) Teaching all kids to persevere and keep trying aids them in all areas of life. However, the ability to keep trying when we don’t initially succeed is a must for children who struggle in school. We all know stories of successful people who

Create a Mission Statement for Your Family

December 31, 2020, by

It’s that time of year again. Although, Rosh Hashana, the time, we as Jews, reassess our values and goals is way past, many people use the start of the secular calendar similarly, to refresh and assess their goals for 2021. This is actually the perfect time to create a mission statement for your family. The

Greedy? Entitled? Teaching Kids To Be Grateful This Chanukah

December 9, 2020, by

When my children were small and my parents would come visit, their suitcases was usually full of gifts. Embarrassingly, as soon as they walked in the door, my children would dutifully give a hug and kiss and then promptly ask, “Where’s my present?” even before my parents coats were off. I am not the only

Loving But Not Liking Your Child

November 12, 2020, by

The pandemic continues, far longer than we have imagined it. We are spending a lot of time with our families. A lot of togetherness can be hard. One mom wrote the following. I love my child but I feel like I have a hard time liking her. Her personality clashes with mine and I feel

Talking to Kids About Money

September 3, 2020, by

Everyone is a little bit nervous about money these days and feeling the pinch. Budgets are being revamped and regular shopping habits are being curbed. If we are concerned, then it goes without saying that our kids are feeling it too. They might even ask us some uncomfortable questions: “Do we have enough money?” “Are

“My child wants”

Things must have shifted in society-at-large and my pediatric office is a small microcosm where a different phenomenon is emerging.  Allow me to explain.  Pediatricians are, for the most part, warm, friendly, kids-centric people.  Not every child wants to come to the pediatrician’s office.  That’s normal, also for the most part.     So years

You Can Do It – Confident Parenting 101

“Yikes, Dr. Lightman. Chanukkah is coming. There’s a family get together. Yes, it’s fun but…my kids are not picture perfect. My extended family might see my children acting out. What’s a parent to do?” I remember those days. Somehow, our kids don’t “perform” just because we ring a bell. Family get togethers can be loaded