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Ensuring Next COVID Relief Bill Helps Schoolkids

February 4, 2021, by

As legislators begin to move forward with a plan for the next COVID-19 relief bill, organizations who have been actively lobbying for new legislation are busy behind the scenes trying to shape the actual proposal. In addition to signing onto a letter spearheaded by the National Council of Nonprofits outlining broad goals for the bill,

Women Immerse Themselves in Prophets and Psalms

January 28, 2021, by

The daily study of a chapter of Nach (Nach is an acronym for Neviim and Ketuvim — the Prophets and Writings in the Hebrew Bible) is as beautiful a concept as it is daunting. Those were my first thoughts when I was approached to be a lecturer for the daily Orthodox Union Nach women’s initiative.

A Special Siddur Delivers Hope

January 28, 2021, by

Living at this time is hard for everyone. There’s the constant thrum of the pandemic, with COVID-19 positivity rates climbing and ICU bed capacity dwindling to non-existence. We have seen frequent posts on social media about someone’s older relative who has died of COVID, and we fear each stranger as a potential carrier of the

‘As Much as I Taught, I Learned’

January 7, 2021, by

Things change. They remain the same. The world changes around us but the people in the world don’t change. At our best, we adapt. Yachad is the Orthodox Union’s program for people with developmental disabilities and other learning challenges. Its motto is “Because Everyone Belongs,” and it lives out those words in visible and often

An Exceptional Opportunity from Longtime NCSY and Yachad Supporters

December 24, 2020, by

For many years, Gershon and Aviva Distenfeld of Bergenfield have been donors and supporters of two important OU programs: NCSY Relief Missions and Yachad. Both programs have grown significantly in recent years thanks in considerable part to the Distenfelds’ partnership. In recognition of their support, the New Jersey region Relief Missions were named the Fred

Listen: Yachad’s Sibling Support Services

December 3, 2020, by

Chani Herrmann, Yachad’s Associate Director of Communal Engagement, spoke to Nachum Segal on JM in the AM to discuss Yachad’s sibling support groups. Listen to the full interview

Rabbi Moshe Schwed on JM in the AM

December 3, 2020, by

Rabbi Moshe Schwed, Director of the OU Daf Yomi Initiative, spoke with Nachum Segal on JM in the AM to discuss the OU’s All Daf learning platform. Listen to the interview here.

Rabbi Dr. Josh Joseph and the OU’s Monumental Impact

October 29, 2020, by

Rabbi Dr. Josh Joseph, who assumed the role of executive vice president and chief operating officer of the 400-synagogue strong Orthodox Union this fall, has deep and formative memories of the OU’s first monumental impact on his life. Now tasked with managing a wide-ranging portfolio—including the national youth outreach programs NCSY, Yachad and JLIC for

OU Israel Helps Organize Mass Prayer at the Kotel for Coronavirus Victims

February 20, 2020, by

Hundreds gathered at the Western Wall in Jerusalem on Sunday to pray for those affected by the coronavirus outbreak and to halt the epidemic. Worshipers recited prayers and Psalms, sang and even danced in a circle, asking God to help in the finding of a cure for the disease, in a ceremony promoted by Chief