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Giving it my Best Shot

Yom Tov is over. Time to turn our thought to influenza or flu season which is just around the corner. Flu season generally runs from October through May. My readers know I am a proponent of the flu vaccine. The flu vaccine assumes special importance this year. Let’s start with the flu vaccine during “ordinary”

Good News on the Exercise Front

August 27, 2019, by

Updated Guidelines—Everything Counts By now, I hope that most people have come to understand the great importance of being active and exercising. We’ve seen beyond a doubt what the sedentary lifestyle that we’ve created can do to our health. Modern medicine has come up with a lot of ways to keep us alive, but the

Are You Eating Enough?

January 9, 2019, by

It makes sense—just eat less and you will lose weight. That is what Davida and Gittel thought. Both in their mid to late 40’s, they came to me for consultations on weight loss several years ago. Both were on calorie restricting programs and were exercising to some extent, and both were very frustrated as all

Introducing the OT Podcast of “Mr. T”

December 19, 2018, by

Have you ever wondered what you can use common household objects for? Did you ever stop and think in what ways you can incorporate materials in the classroom? Were you ever hoping to have tips, suggestions, ideas, and advice for a child, a friend, or yourself to make your life and your kids lives easier

Summer Vacations

August 7, 2018, by

Adina has been a long time client who is always watching her weight very carefully.  Even during the Chagim, she holds her own and barely gains weight.  But now it’s summer and for Adina, this is the one time of year that is truly her downfall when it comes to keeping her weight in a

So, You Got There. Now What?

February 20, 2018, by

You set your goal.  You decided you needed to lose 12 kilo.  And you set out to do it.  You were given all the tools to get there; a good food plan, exercise and your determination to succeed.  Week after week you got mostly good results.  It was only when there was extremely cold winter

Fire Safety Revisited

January 3, 2018, by

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the devastating Chanukah fire in Brooklyn. In that piece, I discussed the impossibility of deriving a lesson from such a senseless tragedy. The piece was well-received and widely-distributed but I would like to revisit the topic based on some feedback that I received. One Facebook commenter was upset

When Less is More

December 12, 2017, by

As Chanukah is here, my house is quiet.  All of my children are married and out of the house.    I quickly remembered times when we needed a large table for all of the menorahs, how candle-lighting took a long time as each child recited the brachos (blessings) and we sang Haneiros Hallalu and Maoz

A New Year with the Same Problems

October 17, 2017, by

It’s the New Year of 5778 Habah Aleinu L’Tovah. We have just finished a very hectic three weeks where a lot of eating and sedentary life style have been the rule.  This was very challenging and difficult to navigate when it came to managing our health.  But while we look forward to the coming year,