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The Jewish Homeland. Keep abreast of what’s occurring there not only on a national level, but on a personal one.

Surviving Their Second War in As Many Years; Ukrainian...
A year and a half ago, Sveta managed to escape the war in Ukraine and arrived in Israel with her husband and their two children. They arrived filled with fear from...
Mar 14, 2024
By Koranit Lanksner, OU Israel Department Head
Zula’s Violinist
She left home at 14.  She walked the streets at night.  She slept on benches.  For years. Tonight, she sat two feet away on the couch, smiling. Channah Devora is one...
Mar 13, 2024
By Jeff Korbman
Special Message of Chizuk
Despite the fact that last week introduced such pain and sorrow for the Jewish People, the outpouring of love, support, and action was unparalleled. The Jewish People and people all over...
Oct 19, 2023
By Rabbi Avi Berman, Director of OU Israel
Voices of Faith: Memories of the 1948 War
In celebration of Israel’s 75th anniversary, Jewish Action presents “Voices of Faith: Memories of the 1948 War”–a short film series that tells the story of the founding of the State of...
Apr 19, 2023
By OU Staff
Celebrating 22 Years of The Zula
Over 200 people participated in OU Israel’s erev Tu B’Shvat luncheon honoring Zvi Sand and celebrating 22 years of the Zula. View photos here and watch video. Photo credit: Eliyahu Yanai...
Feb 9, 2023
By OU Staff
‘Allez, allez!’ Shouts of Enthusiasm, Encouragement as Israelis Tackle...
When Belgian professional road and cyclo-cross racer Wout van Aert took the 21st and final stage of the Tour de France and Slovenian cyclist Tadej Pogačar won the overall 2021 Tour...
Jul 22, 2021
By Howard Blas
Obstacles in Pursuit of Peace
This is a challenging time for the State of Israel and for Klal Yisrael, and we are all feeling it. “As one person with one heart,” we share in the grief...
May 21, 2021
By Rabbi Moshe Hauer
The Tightrope of Turmoil & Redemption – A Voice...
On Monday afternoon, while working in my home office in Ramat Beit Shemesh, a siren roared. My gut reaction was: “I think this is a warning siren.” I immediately went downstairs...
May 13, 2021
By Scott Shulman
Crisis in Israel – How Can You Help?
As rockets continue to rain down upon Israel, the Orthodox Union is quickly responding to help acheinu bnei Yisrael. How you can help: Take Action Contact your US Representatives and Senators to...
May 11, 2021
By OU Staff
Should Jonathan Pollard Bentch HaGomel?
Jonathan Pollard is now a completely free man, having finished last Friday his five years of parole following 30 years in jail after pleading guilty to spying on the United States....
Nov 24, 2020
By Rabbi Gil Student

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