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Tiny First Temple Seal Impression Found with Name of Bible-era Royal Steward

September 11, 2019, by

A minuscule 7th century BCE clay sealing reading “Belonging to Adoniyahu, the Royal Steward,” was recently discovered in the City of David’s sifting project. In earth excavated from the foundations of the Western Wall under Robinson’s Arch in 2013, a national service volunteer some three weeks ago unearthed the one-centimeter inscribed letter sealer bearing the

Re-Burying Their Dead: A Gush Katif Saga

August 14, 2019, by

Fourteen years ago this week, 10,000 Jews were expelled from the twenty one diversified communities of Gush Katif. They lost their homes, their livelihoods, their shuls, their yeshivot, as well as the cemetery where forty-six of their beloved ones were buried. With the black cloud of being expelled from Gush Katif hanging over their heads,

NCSY Hatzalah Rescue Teens Help Save Lives in Israel

August 8, 2019, by

JNS.org has the remarkable story of a number of teens who participated in NCSY Hatzalah Rescue this past summer. The program trains the next generation of responders by teaching them, among other things, CPR and hemorrhage control. Read about a couple of experiences where the teens, serving on ambulance crews, directly helped bring patients back

Disaster Strikes in Moshav Modi’in

May 29, 2019, by

Mevo Modi’in, a moshav of approximately 250 residents, nestled into the Ben Shemen Forest east of Tel Aviv, was one of a number of communities completely evacuated last week on Lag B’Omer, due to approaching fires. More than a thousand firefighters throughout the country battled 1,023 blazes over a period of 41 hours, which translates

The Six-Day War: A Personal Account

May 6, 2019, by

Goldie Warhaftig first came to Israel in 1966 to learn for a year in Machon Gold. She recalls what she experienced as a newcomer to Israel during the Six-Day War just months after her arrival. Recorded at OU Israel’s L’Ayla Rosh Chodesh Iyyar 5779 Women’s Event sponsored in memory of Mrs Linda Pruwer-Brachfeld, מרת חיה

Watch: Israeli Spacecraft Set to Land

April 11, 2019, by

Watch the live broadcast of SpaceIL’s attempted landing of a spacecraft on the Moon. If successful, Israel would become only the 4th nation to ever land a spacecraft on the Moon. The broadcast is set to begin at 2:45 pm (EDT):

Ori’s Light Continues to Shine

February 13, 2019, by

This past erev Shabbat, our twenty-two-year-old son Eliyahu Yeshaya asked to borrow the car to attend the funeral of a terror victim. This was when I first heard about the terrorist attack that had occurred the previous day. I asked him for more details. He responded, “Are you sure that you want to know?” Since

Long-Lost Brothers

January 28, 2019, by

Bleary-eyed, I nudged the suitcase with my right foot, moving it a few inches ahead. The airport terminal at Ben Gurion was beginning to fill up and I was anxious to check in my baggage. I was next in line for the security check. There was a man who hurried in, making his way to