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Moving Forward

January 6, 2022, by

The Chaim Walder saga that has unfolded over the past weeks has created upheaval across the Jewish world, as it must. Walder was one of those profoundly sick people who built trust in order to exploit it in manipulative and destructive ways, shattering an entire community’s sense of trust. There has been a flood of

Watch on Zoom: The Sheldon Rudoff a”h Memorial Lecture

December 31, 2020, by

Join Rabbi Yosie Levine on Wednesday, January 6 at 7:00 PM EST as he talks about the pursuit of an indispensable Jewish value from ancient times to the present. Presented by the Orthodox Union and the Beth Din of America. Sheldon Rudoff, a”h was past president of both the Orthodox Union and the Beth Din

ICYMI: OU Programs at JFNA’s General Assembly

October 28, 2020, by

OU programs were featured in this video presentation from the JFNA’s virtual General Assembly, held last week. Catch the following OU programs: Teach Coalition’s kosher food distribution (2:22) Yachad’s Project Community 2020 programming(2:27) NCSY Relief Missions’ Project Community 2020 home build(5:53)

Kidney Donor Needed for a Popular Daf Yomi Maggid Shiur

September 3, 2020, by

Please read this important message from Rabbi Avraham Pollak, a maggid shiur at Khal Yereim in Passaic, NJ. Read more about kidney donation and halacha in this Jewish Action article. I find myself, at the present time, in a difficult situation. Unfortunately, on Shushan Purim I entered the hospital with COVID-19. I was hospitalized for

COVID-19 and the Suffering Left in its Wake

April 30, 2020, by

We know that this ferocious pandemic has taken a massive toll in terms of lives lost, but once this unfolding tragedy runs its course, it will be time to take stock of its collateral damage. The economic shutdown required to “flatten the curve” has devastated the livelihoods of millions of Americans, including many religiously observant

Praying in the face of coronavirus— via conference call

March 12, 2020, by

On the Fast of Esther, thousands of Orthodox Jews joined in communal prayer — in arranged simultaneous times to pray, or by conference calls. At 9:30am EST, several Haredi organizations called for a worldwide Psalm recitation, in response to Agudath Israel’s call to prayer; at 12:30pm EST, the Orthodox Union organized a conference call for

OU Israel Helps Organize Mass Prayer at the Kotel for Coronavirus Victims

February 20, 2020, by

Hundreds gathered at the Western Wall in Jerusalem on Sunday to pray for those affected by the coronavirus outbreak and to halt the epidemic. Worshipers recited prayers and Psalms, sang and even danced in a circle, asking God to help in the finding of a cure for the disease, in a ceremony promoted by Chief