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COVID-19 and the Suffering Left in its Wake
We know that this ferocious pandemic has taken a massive toll in terms of lives lost, but once this unfolding tragedy runs its course, it will be time to take stock...
Apr 30, 2020
By Maury Litwack
Security for Jews Gets Serious
Security for Jews Gets Serious
Security has become the number-one issue on the minds of American Jews due to an increase in anti-Semitic attacks. Recent acts of violence in places like shuls and kosher markets have...
Feb 6, 2020
By Yossi Krausz
We have more power than we realize to keep...
Ask North American Jewish day school leaders what issue troubles them most and you will repeatedly hear the same answer – security. In today’s world, security has become a basic necessity,...
Aug 14, 2019
By Maury Litwack
Beth Din of America Launches “Jewishprudence”
The Beth Din of America, widely regarded as one of the leading Jewish religious courts in North America, has launched a first-in-the-nation blog dedicated to explaining Rabbinical Court process and decisions....
Aug 1, 2019
By OU Staff
The Tuition Crisis: Tackling it Together
The Tuition Crisis: Tackling it Together
Teach NYS’ Jake Adler published a piece on Times of Israel on how together we can help solve one of the biggest challenges facing Jewish families today: Every few months in...
Nov 22, 2017
By Times of Israel
Getting the Word Out: The Challenging Reality for Israel’s Dyslexic Children
Getting the Word Out: The Challenging Reality for Israel’s...
IF YOU had to guess how many children out of 100 have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), what would you say? What about autism? Dyslexia? According to the US Centers for Disease...
May 1, 2017
By Shoshanna Keats Jaskoll
Savitsky Talks: Steve interviews Yael Aldrich
Mar 20, 2017
By Stephen Savitsky
Midrashim: Don’t Be So Literal
I have observed a phenomenon among a large number of people who were raised Orthodox but became disenchanted (popularly known as “off-the-derech” or OTD). Many of them have a particular axe...
Jan 3, 2017
By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz
What the Olympics Can Teach Us About the Value...
There are countless lessons to extract from the Olympics beginning in Rio. The tenacity, resolve, grit, discipline, drive, and sense of teamwork of each athlete is simply inspiring and can serve...
Aug 4, 2016
By Rabbi Efrem Goldberg
Interview with Dr. Leslie Ginsparg Klein
May 17, 2016
By Stephen Savitsky

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