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73+1 Reasons Why I Love Israel

April 15, 2021, by

Yes, there are imitations, but here is the original Jerusalem Post 17th straight year of new “Reasons I love Israel,” even though 2020 was a year of challenges. In no particular order: 1. Rappelling, spelunking and droning: Archaeologists rappelled into Dead Sea caves and recently found 2,000-year-old biblical texts of Prophets Zecharia and Nahum. Fighters

40 Teens From 22 U.S. Cities and Vienna Join Yachad’s Virtual Inclusion Training Seminar

February 25, 2021, by

Nearly 40 teens from across the United States met virtually to receive training focused on becoming ambassadors for making Jewish communal life more inclusive for individuals with disabilities. The Orthodox Union’s (OU) Yachad, the leading organization for individuals with disabilities, organized the sessions. The program coincides with Jewish Disabilities Awareness and Inclusion Month (JDAIM) celebrated

Purim 2021: Marking a Year Since Our World Turned Upside Down

February 25, 2021, by

In the coming days, Jews will celebrate the Purim festival, a holiday built on the theme of how everything can instantly be turned upside down. In the original Purim story, a day dedicated to the destruction of the Jews became the day of their triumph, while the gallows prepared for the Jewish leader Mordechai were

My Startling Conversation With Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski Zt”l

February 25, 2021, by

Throughout my life, since high school, I had almost idolized Rabbi Dr Twerski zt”l. Here was a man who had the appearance, “levush” (garb), and most importantly, the “heartzik warmth and emotion” of a Chassidic Rebbe, and yet was so fully accomplished, respected, and influential in the secular world. From what I had heard about

Memories of Reb Dovid, zt”l

February 11, 2021, by

In a year that has seen the loss of far too many gedolei Yisrael, we were again stunned last week with the passing of Rav Dovid Soloveitchik, zt”l. Rav Dovid was the last surviving son of the Brisker Rav, Rav Yitzchak Ze’ev Halevi Soloveitchik zt”l, who was also known as Reb Velvel. Rav Dovid represented

Covid Lev Paraoh: Did the Egyptian King Suffer from Coronavirus?

January 28, 2021, by

No, I am not suggesting that the phrase “כבד לב פרעה” alludes to the disease Covid, a disease that only surfaced in 2019, despite my intentional, and admittedly deceptive, mistransliteration. However, suggesting that phrases and episodes in the Torah refer to specific medical conditions is a centuries-old pastime pursued by rabbis, scholars and physicians, Jew

When You Get Your Vaccine, Don’t Forget To Do This

January 14, 2021, by

While necessary, wearing a mask is miserable. It is difficult to breath comfortably with a mask on and it is even harder to deliver a speech. And yet, those aren’t the hardest parts for me. Countless times over the last few months I find myself spotting someone across the Shul or in a store, smiling