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The Overuse of Antibiotics

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), at least 30% of antibiotics in this country are overprescribed and are unnecessary.  Why?  Antibiotics are wonderfully important, especially when necessary.  The world should express gratitude to Sir Alexander Flemming (1881-1955) for inventing the world’s first antibiotic substance benzylpenicillin (Penicillin G) from the mold called

The Ark and the Arc

October 30, 2019, by

On October 29, 1972, I attended a dazzling afternoon concert at Carnegie Hall. As I headed for home on the 59th Street Bridge, traffic came to a standstill. I suspected a car accident was to blame. But the conspicuous absence of angry car horns — not to mention the reverent expressions on my fellow commuters’

Tunnel Vision

October 30, 2019, by

My wife and I recently toured the excavations at the City of David just below the Old City of Jerusalem. Our guide, Rafi, explained that the unearthed city, right next to the present-day Arab village of Silwan, was far older than the “Old City”, and it had been inhabited by Jewish kings, noblemen and commoners

Cyber Towers of Bavel

October 30, 2019, by

Sadly, an entire planet had suffered total moral collapse and was tragically annihilated by the violent waters of the flood. Noach’s world disappears and humanity must be rebuilt from scratch. A few generations later, an ambitious company of people attempt to form a modern city punctuated by a tower. For some unspecified reason G-d intervenes

Learning Torah on the Eve of Yom Kippur

October 24, 2019, by

More than 2,000 people attended the Torah Yerushalayim event on Sunday, hosted by the OU Israel in the Ramada Jerusalem Hotel. The day was dedicated to learning in spiritual preparation for Yom Kippur. The shiurim were conducted in English servicing the Anglo-Saxon community in Israel. Throughout the day, attendees enjoyed learning from a choice of

A Parsha Lesson from Humpty Dumpty

October 24, 2019, by

Around twenty five years ago, on Shabbat Bereishit, I attended a Friday night talk of Rav Aharon Lichtenstein zt”l prior to Ma’ariv prayers. These extensive wide-ranging talks usually lasted more than an hour and challenged weary Friday-night audiences. During his speech Rav Lichtenstein spoke eloquently about original sin and the fall of Man.  At one

Book Review: Explorations Expanded

October 23, 2019, by

Explorations Expanded: Sefer Bereishit Rabbi Ari D. Kahn Kodesh Press 350 pages There are many, many contributors whose work appears on OU Torah in the form of written divrei Torah and audio/video shiurim – so many that no one person could possibly follow all of them. (This is true even if that person happens to

Creating Meaningful Opportunities for Orthodox Women on Simchat Torah

October 23, 2019, by

The essence of Simchat Torah is the completion of the reading of the Torah scroll, and the joy and celebration that naturally ensues from the annual culmination of the Torah-reading cycle. Because of the traditional means of celebration, women’s participation has historically been more passive rather than active, which leaves synagogues with the challenge of

Book Review: A Theology of Holiness

October 2, 2019, by

A Theology of Holiness Alec Goldstein Kodesh Press 258 pages Chapter 8 of this book starts with a quote from Socrates: “What is piety? That is an enquiry which I shall never weary of pursuing.” That quote might as well have come from the author given the origins of this book. While in Yeshiva University,

Our Mistakes Need Not Define Us (But Maybe They Should)

September 25, 2019, by

There was a movie released this year called Official Secrets, which I haven’t seen and don’t intend to see. It stars a bunch of people I’ve never heard of and Keira Knightley, whom I’ve heard of but never seen anything she was in. (IMDB says she was in The Phantom Menace. I did see that