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Intermarriage Between Non-Jew and Who?

May 4, 2007, by

The boys were asked to leave the room. The Hebrew Academy girls were to have a special lecture. Thus began an hour that was to have a monumental impression on me. The student body of our day school was made up of children from ‘traditional’ to ‘unaffiliated’ families. Most students did not keep kosher or

The Power of Joy

May 4, 2007, by

A Lesson For the Children – Anybody who did not attend the wedding of Yosef and Rachel has absolutely no idea what true happiness is. The new couple, with their friends and family, reached the level of the heavens in their song and dance. They were all inspired by the spirit of the great rabbis,

The Woman and the Lion’s Hair

March 15, 2007, by

A Lesson For the Children: A woman came to the wise man of the village and complained that her husband does not love her anymore, and that she did not know how to make him love her once again. The man asked her, “Do you still love your husband?” And the woman replied choking back

Once Every Seven Years

December 28, 2006, by

I love solitude. Quiet walks in the woods. Steady waves hitting the seashore. Bird watching and stargazing. I absolutely love solitude. It’s been twenty-two years now since I’ve experienced one quiet moment alone. The closest I’ve come to enjoying nature in solitude was when I polished the silver bowl that my grandfather left me. Someone

Matot: Delaying Marriage

January 18, 2005, by

The Mishna tells us “Eighteen years of age for the CHUPA” (Avot 5:21). But this is not like “Thirteen years of age for mitzvot”, whereby a Bar Mitzva is automatically celebrated for any 13-year old boy. A person doesn’t routinely get married right after his 18th birthday, rather this is singled out as an age

Matot: Choosing a Spouse

January 18, 2005, by

Last week we discussed the first chapter in Even Haezer, the section of the Tur and Shulchan Arukh dealing with the laws of marriage. That chapter dealt with the obligation to marry and have children. This week we discuss the second chapter, which discusses the ideal spouse whom we should marry. Seemingly, the main consideration

Pinchas: Meaning in Marriage

January 18, 2005, by

What is marriage all about? A first glance at the halakhic sources would give the impression that raising a family is the primary motivation. But a deeper look shows that Shalom Bayit, marital harmony between husband and wife, is just as important. The very first commandment in the Torah, according to Rambam and the Chinukh,