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OU’s Marriage Retreat Earns Rave Reviews

August 31, 2011, by

On July 15-17, 2011, the Orthodox Union held its Sixth Annual Marriage Enrichment Retreat at the Woodcliff Lake Hilton in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey. Our crack reporter from the “Woodcliff Lake Gazette” sneaked into the retreat at its conclusion and interviewed one of the couples in attendance, Mindy and Seth Berman of Highland Park, New

My Road to Adulthood

August 28, 2011, by

Conquering her fear of freeway cruising is this soon-to-be-mother’s rite of passage into maturity.

Marriage Enrichment: An Educators’ Perspective

August 23, 2011, by

The OU’s JLIC (Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus) program places Orthodox Rabbinic couples to serve as Torah educators on local college campuses in conjunction with Hillel. Now on fifteen campuses in North America, JLIC educators strive to enhance the learning opportunities available to students, and also bolster an infrastructure for Orthodox life to flourish. Educators

The Power of Persistence

August 10, 2011, by

VaEtchanan begins with the plea of Moshe Rabbeinu to enter the Holy Land of Israel. Chazal tell us that the numerical value of VaEtchanan is 515 and suggest that this is the number of requests that Moshe made of Hashem to allow him to fulfill his life’s dream of entering the Promised Land. Additionally, the

Masei: Delaying Marriage

July 28, 2011, by

The Mishna tells us “Eighteen years of age for the CHUPA” (Avot 5:21). But this is not like “Thirteen years of age for mitzvot”, whereby a Bar Mitzva is automatically celebrated for any 13-year old boy. A person doesn’t routinely get married right after his 18th birthday, rather this is singled out as an age

Matot: Choosing a Spouse

July 20, 2011, by

Last week we discussed the first chapter in Even Haezer, the section of the Tur and Shulchan Arukh dealing with the laws of marriage. That chapter dealt with the obligation to marry and have children. This week we discuss the second chapter, which discusses the ideal spouse whom we should marry. Seemingly, the main consideration