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Pinchas: Intermarriage

July 14, 2011, by

In our parsha, Pinchas receives a special eternal blessing for his zeal in preventing intermarriage between the Jewish men and the Midianite women. Intermarriage is considered one of the most severe breaches in Jewish tradition, and the desire to prevent it is the main reason for the prohibition on many kinds of foods prepared by

Love and Marriage

Last summer, the Orthodox Union presented a Marriage Enrichment Retreat at the Woodcliff Lake Hilton in New Jersey. The event followed the release of the findings of the OU’s landmark online Aleinu Marriage Satisfaction Survey of Orthodox marriages. According to the survey and confirmed by experts on Orthodox marriage, couples often reach a down time

A Weekend to Remember

June 14, 2011, by

This article has been reprinted with permission of The Jewish Press and first appeared there September, 2010 “You’re going where?! That sounds interesting. What is it?” This response we received from friends when we mentioned our plan to attend the Orthodox Union’s Marriage Enrichment Retreat this past July reflected the very same questions we were

Toward a Meaningful Marriage: Count on Me!

June 1, 2011, by

Marriage is defined in the English dictionary as: “a legally recognized relationship, established by a civil or religious ceremony, between two people who intend to live together as physically intimate and domestic partners.” This mundane secular view of marriage is reflected in a narcissistic utilitarian arrangement, a proposition entered into by two people expecting to

The Generosity of Love

May 18, 2011, by

Love is an ancient and tricky phenomenon that elicits a wide variety of analyses: It’s powerful! It’s an illusion! It’s just lust! There’s no such thing as real love! Love is the only truth in the world! Okay, so what’s the real story? In his book, Zachoo, Rabbi Nachum Diamant writes about a man who

2,500 Years of Marriage and They Still Need Advice

September 11, 2010, by

The fifth Orthodox Union Marriage Enrichment Retreat, held during the summer in suburban New Jersey, reinforced the skills and tools emphasizing that successful marriages require effort. Organized by the OU Department of Community Services under the direction of Frank Buchweitz, it focused on how specific stressors can create strains on even the best of marriages.

My 35th Wedding Anniversary

October 22, 2009, by

Today was my 35th wedding anniversary. My husband is upstairs in bed, sleeping the deep sleep of a body stricken with the flu. Downstairs, my daughter’s newborn son is sleeping peacefully. His toddler brother is busy destroying something in the living room, and his mother is trying to rest so she will have the strength


September 30, 2009, by

“Did I tell you what happened to me on Erev Sukkot?” my friend Atara asks me. We sit in her kitchen as she spices her salmon. Our children play outside in the Sukkah. Blessed Chol Hamoed. “No. Tell me,” I say. So she does. *** Erev Sukkot. Atara poured apple cake batter into a flimsy

On Mothers

August 5, 2009, by

My husband doesn’t like my mother so much. This was not evidenced by an outright declaration or even a private conversation, but by the fact that he will very obviously avoid their street while walking to and from synagogue on Shabbat. My parents live a few blocks away, and he will walk an extra ten