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Disaster Strikes in Moshav Modi’in

May 29, 2019, by

Mevo Modi’in, a moshav of approximately 250 residents, nestled into the Ben Shemen Forest east of Tel Aviv, was one of a number of communities completely evacuated last week on Lag B’Omer, due to approaching fires. More than a thousand firefighters throughout the country battled 1,023 blazes over a period of 41 hours, which translates

A Letter of Thanks from Tomchei Shabbat of Denver

April 30, 2019, by

We received the following letter from Shlomo Fried of Tomchei Shabbat of Denver, who expressed his appreciation to all who supported the OU’s maot chitim campaign, which helped Tomchei Shabbat of Denver purchase Pesach food for those in need: To the leadership of the Orthodox Union and the wonderful supporters of the Maot Chitim project:

Watch: Israeli Spacecraft Set to Land

April 11, 2019, by

Watch the live broadcast of SpaceIL’s attempted landing of a spacecraft on the Moon. If successful, Israel would become only the 4th nation to ever land a spacecraft on the Moon. The broadcast is set to begin at 2:45 pm (EDT):

OU Hosts First MeetUp For Orthodox Software Developers

February 14, 2019, by

On February 6th, the Orthodox Union hosted the inaugural Frum Developer’s MeetUp. Rabbi David Pardo, Director of Birthright Follow-up, worked with the leaders from FrumDevCon to host the event and welcomed nearly one hundred Frum software developers who spent hours networking and schmoozing and learning from a world-class CEO. Oren Eini is the CEO and founder

Camp Maor’s Winter Performance Coming Soon to Bergen County

February 14, 2019, by

“Meorot”, a new performing arts program that provides Orthodox girls with an outlet for performing arts, will have its first performance on Sunday, March 3rd. The program began this past October in Bergen County and had 50 participants from all over the tri-state area. “Meorot” is directed and produced by the director of NCSY’s summer

Join Us – Complimentary Two-Day CLE Seminar on President’s Day Weekend

February 6, 2019, by

The Beth Din of America, together with the OU, YU’s Center of the Jewish Future, and the RCA, will be running a complimentary two day continuing legal education seminar this President’s Day weekend. The talks will take place on Sunday, February 17, 2019 at the Young Israel of Lawrence-Cedarhurst and on Monday, February 18, 2019

Victory for Bread-Lovers: Bimbo Bakeries USA Confirms Kosher Re-Certification

January 24, 2019, by

Kosher consumers were concerned by the news last month that Bimbo Bakeries USA, the largest producer of bread in the United States, with product lines such as Arnold’s and Sara Lee, was going to lose their kosher certification. The company’s initial decision was based on internal efficiency and production concerns. Many of the breads they

Skiing Under Syrian Missles

January 23, 2019, by

Social media networks lit up this week with images of Israelis skiing down Mt. Hermon (we’ll talk about skiing while filming some other time) as Syrian-fired rockets were intercepted overhead by Israel’s Iron Dome missiles. In one of those “only in Israel” stories, a mother describes her son’s adventures on Israel’s lone ski slope that