OU Hosts First MeetUp For Orthodox Software Developers

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14 Feb 2019

On February 6th, the Orthodox Union hosted the inaugural Frum Developer’s MeetUp.

Rabbi David Pardo, Director of Birthright Follow-up, worked with the leaders from FrumDevCon to host the event and welcomed nearly one hundred Frum software developers who spent hours networking and schmoozing and learning from a world-class CEO.

Oren Eini is the CEO and founder of Hibernating Rhinos, with more than 20 years of experience in the world of software development, Eini took the devs on a dive, speaking and addressing cutting edge questions in the database world.

Orthodox Jewish software developers came to the OU building from every imaginable corner of the hi-tech world. Whether they came to learn more, meet new people, or advance their careers, the reception was outstandingly positive. Sara described the reception to be “very nice- a lot of effort was put in and it showed “and many attendees asked if they could volunteer for future events.

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