A Letter of Thanks from Tomchei Shabbat of Denver

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30 Apr 2019

We received the following letter from Shlomo Fried of Tomchei Shabbat of Denver, who expressed his appreciation to all who supported the OU’s maot chitim campaign, which helped Tomchei Shabbat of Denver purchase Pesach food for those in need:

To the leadership of the Orthodox Union and the wonderful supporters of the Maot Chitim project:

Thank you very much for the beautiful donation/grant of Pesach food from the OU and as well covering the shipping costs all the way to Denver. I know I can speak on behalf of all the gabbaim to let you know how much it meant to all of us to have such a meaningful donation. The donation had an even more specia feeling as we never requested this, but rather you approached us, which continues to show your support for the klal. I must say that we were in awe with the high quality and amount of each and every product you sent us.

Our families that we distribute to at Tomchei were amazed and many were in tears knowing that this year’s Pesach would be enhanced for them because of your special donation. We told every family of your generous gift and they are extremely grateful.

We are blessed to have such friends and supporters for such a worthy cause. Thank you so much for supporting Tomechei Shabbat and for the beautiful and meaningful donation. We appreciate the warmth and friendship and cherish all the support as it is so important to all of us, and it enables Tomechei to continue providing an important service in the community. In order to have strong institutions which in turn brings growth and therefore strengthening the community as a whole, support is needed and that is one of many reasons why each of the Tomchei gabbaim personally get involved in so many of these important organizations. Thank you for being part of a vision of building and supporting an invaluable resource in the community.

The OU’s Legacy certainly is one of supporting worthy causes, and ways to give to others who are less fortunate than others. It’s a donation like this that helps so many poor and needy families in our community.

We can’t even begin to express our hakarat hatov for the OU commitment and support. A thank you note such as this one doesn’t do enough justice for our true appreciation. We invite you to come experience firsthand the work and the support of Tomechei Shabbat is giving to the community on any given Wednesday night at EDOS in Denver, and for you to better understand the impact you have made with your generous support.

May Hakadosh Baruch Hu repay each of you and your families with many brachot for all that you each of you do for Klal Yisrael. May the OU legacy continue to shine bright throughout the entire Jewish community for many years to come.

With much admiration and gratitude,

Shlomo Fried

The words of this author reflect his/her own opinions and do not necessarily represent the official position of the Orthodox Union.