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Mishpacha’s 10 Questions for All Daf’s Rabbi Moshe Schwed

August 20, 2020, by

Why did you feel you needed supplemental material for Maseches Eiruvin? This masechta is known to be challenging for many learners. The joke goes “Ba’ah Shabbos ba’ah menuchah”— the crowds that join daf yomi at the first masechta, Berachos, drop out at the second one, Maseches Shabbos, which is a more complicated gemara. But the

Running a Jewish Day School Just Got a Lot More Expensive — and Parents Shouldn’t Be the Only Ones Paying the Price

August 20, 2020, by

The coronavirus pandemic has made it even more difficult to expect parents alone to bear the huge costs of educating their children. During the past few months, online instruction has become our new normal. This critical innovation has salvaged our children’s education, but it’s inferior to in-person instruction and requires a higher level of parental

Coming Home

July 22, 2020, by

How far would we go for a parent? A recent headline in The Jerusalem Post read: “With Flights Cancelled, Man Sails the Atlantic to See 90-year Old Father.” It told the remarkable tale of Juan Manuel Ballestro, who resides in Spain. Upon learning that flights to Argentina, where his parents live, had been cancelled due

Stand Up and Speak Out

July 16, 2020, by

On April 11, 1944, a young Anne Frank wrote in her diary: Who has made us Jews different from all other people? Who has allowed us to suffer so terribly until now? It is God Who has made us as we are, but it will be God, too, who will raise us up again. Who

Davening With Conflicting Emotions and Sefer Ezra: On the Return to Minyan

June 11, 2020, by

On Thursday, 6/4/20, Young Israel of Memphis (YIOM) held its first minyan since the coronavirus pandemic forced us to suspend all minyanim on Sunday, 3/15/20. Davening at this minyan was a powerful experience for all participants. YIOM thanks the hard-working committee that prepared protocols for this occasion. Of course, it’s impossible to plan for every

The Secret Unity of Jewish Twitter

May 27, 2020, by

The global COVID-19 pandemic has had dire effects on the world and will have lasting effects on the infrastructure of the Jewish community. Given the harsh financial reality, some Reform and Conservative congregations are considering consolidating. Many have wondered whether the denominational model that frames the Jewish community will evaporate all together. I am not

NY NCSY Responds to Pandemic Restrictions

May 21, 2020, by

Anyone who says “If you can’t do, teach,” hasn’t tried teaching. Education is an arduous undertaking that leaves little leeway for error. Whereas a failure in the business world costs money, one in the field of education costs futures. As we are all aware, the global pandemic that is the coronavirus has nearly stopped education