We have more power than we realize to keep our children’s schools safe

14 Aug 2019

Ask North American Jewish day school leaders what issue troubles them most and you will repeatedly hear the same answer – security. In today’s world, security has become a basic necessity, but is often prohibitively expensive. That is why the Teach Coalition – an advocacy arm of the Orthodox Union – is dedicated to achieving maximum American government funding to ensure the safety, strength and affordability of Jewish days schools.

We have made tremendous strides in the area of day school and yeshiva security funding since 2013. Over this period, over $100 million in security funding has been introduced in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Florida and California. While security funding efforts in these states – which cover nearly 90-percent of American Jewish day school students – has made our children safer, security needs remain vast and growing.

Prior to the efforts of the Teach Coalition, only public schools received government funding for security. Day schools and yeshivas had to fend for themselves, either paying for security guards and systems out of already-stretched school budgets – providing less than ideal protection – or forgoing security efforts altogether. None of these options are sustainable, especially given today’s growing threats. No school should have to choose between hiring a security guard or a teacher; between paying for adequate security or ensuring adequate student scholarships.

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