The Tuition Crisis: Tackling it Together

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22 Nov 2017

Teach NYS’ Jake Adler published a piece on Times of Israel on how together we can help solve one of the biggest challenges facing Jewish families today:

Every few months in these pages and on other platforms someone endeavors to write a piece about the tuition crisis. Each piece is usually followed up by a flurry of responses, each author giving their new approach to a seemingly endless issue.

I’ve seen public schools with private tutors, charter schools, secular private schools, communal taxes, blended learning, aliyah and nearly everything in between proposed as the solution. The truth is, I have tremendous respect for anyone that takes the initiative and tries to help fix the problem.

Sadly, what is too often the focus in these articles is what we haven’t done, what we need, what we wish was possible. So often we become dogmatic about the strategy to fix this problem. We believe that only one strategy could work. What we almost never focus on is what has proven to be the biggest single donor to our schools. The state funding that comes to our yeshivas year in and year out, and has reached record levels over the last 2 years in New York. What is lost in most of our focus is how we got to where we are today, and how we can continue growing this critical funding.

Read the full article at Times of Israel.

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