An Exceptional Opportunity from Longtime NCSY and Yachad Supporters

24 Dec 2020
Around the OU

For many years, Gershon and Aviva Distenfeld of Bergenfield have been donors and supporters of two important OU programs: NCSY Relief Missions and Yachad. Both programs have grown significantly in recent years thanks in considerable part to the Distenfelds’ partnership. In recognition of their support, the New Jersey region Relief Missions were named the Fred and Rose Distenfeld New Jersey NCSY Chesed Missions in 2018 in memory of Gershon’s parents, and Gershon and Aviva were honored by NCSY at their National Gala in March 2019.

The Distenfelds contribute consistently and generously to the annual support of both of these programs. In recent days, Gershon has made a public and exceptional pledge to support these wonderful institutions with a gift that could be worth up to $285,000 per institution, in addition to the Distenfelds’ existing annual support of these causes. NCSY and Yachad are greatly appreciative to the Distenfelds for the respective donations they will receive and overwhelmed by the generosity that Gershon and Aviva continue to display on a regular basis.

In Judaism there is a concept that having in mind to do a mitzvah is akin to performing the mitzvah. Gershon has clearly lived up to this concept with his unprecedented pledge. NCSY and Yachad thank and applaud the Distenfelds for their incredible generosity and commitment to their respective organizations. The impact of these contributions will improve the lives of a huge number of children with special needs through Yachad and facilitate Jewish teens’ leadership development in addressing food insecurity and disaster mitigation through NCSY Relief Missions. The OU is incredibly grateful to the Distenfelds for prioritizing these important communal needs.

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