Women Immerse Themselves in Prophets and Psalms

The daily study of a chapter of Nach (Nach is an acronym for Neviim and Ketuvim — the Prophets and Writings in the Hebrew Bible) is as beautiful a concept as it is daunting. Those were my first thoughts when I was approached to be a lecturer for the daily Orthodox Union Nach women’s initiative. Daunting perhaps, but as of this writing, thousands of women have signed up for this program from all over the world, and together, led by women, have begun to immerse themselves in the world of Nach. They have completed book after book of Prophets, as they look forward to beginning the Writings.

This program, accessible to all women from all backgrounds, offers so much more than just a basic understanding of the text. Each short podcast lecture (typically 12-18 minutes long) is insightful, inspiring and cites commentaries, both modern and ancient, giving a multifaceted perspective into the richness and wisdom of the book.

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