A Special Siddur Delivers Hope

Living at this time is hard for everyone. There’s the constant thrum of the pandemic, with COVID-19 positivity rates climbing and ICU bed capacity dwindling to non-existence. We have seen frequent posts on social media about someone’s older relative who has died of COVID, and we fear each stranger as a potential carrier of the virus.

And then there are the images and videos of fellow Americans seizing the Capitol and threatening our elected officials, literally desecrating the “temple” of our democracy, waving Confederate flags and wearing Nazi T-shirts. It feels like we are living through one of those strange Star Trek time warp episodes.

For me, there is also the absence of my father, who passed away in March at age 97, taking care of my adult son, Danny, who has intellectual/developmental disabilities, managing other serious family medical issues plus leading a small nonprofit that helps people with disabilities. It’s a lot.

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