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Did the Avot study Torah? Why Does it Matter?
One of the distinctive aspects of Judaism is its emphasis upon Torah study. Unlike other religions in which study is generally relegated for “men of the cloth,” in Judaism the study...
Dec 24, 2020
By Rabbi Moshe Taragin
How Did Chanukah Alter the Religions of the World?
The Chanukah miracle was a multi-layered experience: The ever-burning oil reminded us that even in a post-prophetic era Divine intervention still visited our people. For the very first time, we faced...
Dec 9, 2020
By Rabbi Moshe Taragin
OU President Moishe Bane at the 2020 OU Convention
Dec 9, 2020
By OU Staff
Listen to a Shiur Each Day? Me?
As busy mothers, juggling family, work, and communal obligations, many of us miss our school days when we had the time and peace of mind to daven long Shemoneh Esrehs and...
Nov 18, 2020
By Elisheva Appel
Finding Freedom
“It’s time for bentching.” Talk about a confusing term! As a former high school varsity basketball player, this word was reserved for kids who didn’t play well and were unceremoniously yanked...
Oct 21, 2020
By Jeff Cohen
Just Vote!
Last week, I traveled all over New York and New Jersey, talking to people from Brooklyn to Lakewood about the importance of voting in one of the biggest elections in history....
Oct 21, 2020
By Maury Litwack
A Rosh HaShanah Unlike All Others: Tales from a...
With Aseret Yemei Teshuvah approaching last week, my thoughts, in a way, turned to Pesach – how would this Rosh HaShanah be different from all other Rosh HaShanahs? For whom would...
Sep 24, 2020
By Steve Lipman
A 2020 Vision for Communal Teshuva
The High Holiday season is a time for teshuva and reflection, to consider where we are and where we ought to be. And while we may be accustomed to understanding the...
Sep 23, 2020
By Rabbi Moshe Hauer
Hits $19 Billion Market With Rabbis Stuck at Home
In an ordinary year, Rabbi David Moskowitz would have spent the weeks before Rosh Hashanah, the holiday that celebrates the start of the Jewish New Year, working in China. For more...
Sep 17, 2020
By Bruce Einhorn
How Are Orthodox Jews Observing the High Holidays During...
As the coronavirus continues to make its presence felt, Jewish faith communities across the U.S. are faced with the problem of how to celebrate the High Holidays of Rosh Hashanah and...
Sep 17, 2020
By Jeffery Martin

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