Listen to a Shiur Each Day? Me?

18 Nov 2020

As busy mothers, juggling family, work, and communal obligations, many of us miss our school days when we had the time and peace of mind to daven long Shemoneh Esrehs and sit in inspirational classes.

Not me.

I’m not a terrible person, really! I’m just a very pragmatic one who finds more satisfaction in providing my kids with enriching activities, and setting a nice Shabbos table than cracking open a sefer.

I’m a super-organized perfectionist — the type who gets stressed out when my freezer is messy. I check off to-do items all day long, and listening to the Chazak hotline or calling in to Tehillim conferences just aren’t my thing. That’s okay, right?

The Challenge
Before last Rosh Hashanah, my mother mentioned that she wanted to participate in the OU’s Nach Yomi women’s program. My mother’s a recent retiree who’s like a kid in a candy store as she fills her days with shiurim and outings with friends, so what works for her may not be exactly what works for me. But she sent me the email, thinking I might find it interesting, too.

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