2020: The Year of … Innovation

2020. Glad that’s over? Though we have certainly seen an abundance of challenges, this could be promising for the world of innovation. As a product of the pandemic, many are predicting there will be a myriad of new inventions, ideas, and investment opportunities.

While these are predictions in the startup and tech world, we have already witnessed some of these changes closer to home. The Jewish community has been hit hard by the pandemic, but even amidst this difficult time, we have taken responsibility, as we usually do, to pave a path forward.

The OU Impact Accelerator closed its application for the third cohort in November and has just completed interviews with the top candidates. We received many impressive and creative applications from startup nonprofits finding new solutions to age-old problems. While we were unsure of what the 2020 application cycle would bring, a word does come to mind: inspiring.

What did we learn?

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