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You’ve Got to “Hand” It to Your Kids

You have read the title and must be thinking, “What in the world is Dr. Lightman writing about now?” Hands?  Is this about our handing over the reins of leadership from one generation to the next? Eventually, yes.  But that’s not what this is about.  I am bringing to your attention something basic and fundamental

Combating Adolescent Obesity

February 5, 2019, by

It’s happening all too often.  The phone rings in my office and another mother is calling about her teenage daughter or son who is, at this early age, struggling with being overweight or obese.  Some of them already have high blood sugar, high cholesterol or even high blood pressure. This is, unfortunately, becoming commonplace. Adolescent

Our Shuls: A Call for Access

February 1, 2019, by

Stairs. A simple, structurally unextraordinary albeit useful form of craftsmanship. They’re not really given much thought: If the choice exists between a walk-up and an elevator, the latter’s winning every time. And if not, perhaps a quiet, frustrated, It’s-really-about-time-I-start-dieting sigh accompanies the undesired yet quickly disregarded ascension. But for millions of people, stairs are quite

What a Pleasant Surprise

January 28, 2019, by

People sign up for our various programs in our health clinic for a variation of reasons.  Although many clients come here in order to lose weight, there are usually health issues involved that are more important to address than just losing the extra weight. There are the typical problems of diabetes, high blood pressure, high

What Your Posture Says About You

I bet I’m not alone on this one. Raise the metaphorical hand if, when you were growing up, your parent or grandparent poked a finger in your back, admonishing to stand taller and straighter. Both my late mother A”H and grandmother A”H did it to me. More than once. Good posture means being aware of

I Don’t Believe It (And Neither Should You)!

January 23, 2019, by

Yosef has a few medical issues and will be starting our 10 Week program soon. He came to see me in my office for a consultation. Aside from being overweight and sedentary, he has prediabetes and high blood pressure. Coupled with a poor family history, he decided that he should take action to reverse these

“What Are You, Crazy?” Changing the Way We Speak

January 15, 2019, by

I used to work for an organization that was composed of some of the most creative individuals you could ever hope to find. The down side was that, when we had a staff conference, trying to get them all where they were supposed to be was like trying to herd cats. When I lamented the

Simplifying Weight Loss

January 15, 2019, by

With the knowledge we have today, we know that losing weight and being able to keep it off is actually very complex.  There is no shortage as to the amount of factors involved.  To lose weight and to sustain that weight loss involves multiple disciplines.  Just in nutrition alone, we need to know about calories,

Are You Eating Enough?

January 9, 2019, by

It makes sense—just eat less and you will lose weight. That is what Davida and Gittel thought. Both in their mid to late 40’s, they came to me for consultations on weight loss several years ago. Both were on calorie restricting programs and were exercising to some extent, and both were very frustrated as all

OT with Mr. T: Let’s Talk Activities!

January 3, 2019, by

Mr. T explores and explains the different areas of occupation, areas of daily life where occupational therapy helps individuals live life to its fullest. Learn about how OT can help you in your daily life!