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With health, there are no divisions: physical, emotional, mental – they’re all intertwined. And caring for each of them is of utmost importance. Here’s how to do just that, and make the most of your life.

Tzniyut (Modesty): When My Body Betrayed Me

October 20, 2010, by

My worst betrayal was not by any person or place, but by my own body for at times I had been negligent in caring for myself. At a young age, I learned to enjoy junk foods; I ate and gained weight. Children in the neighborhood and at school ridiculed me. Frequently I was not chosen

A Doctor’s Dilemma: Followup

June 26, 2008, by

You may have read “A Doctor’s Dilemma” which was posted here earlier this week. This article can be read as being supportive of not administering medically prescribed vaccinations to children. The OU has a sterling record of advocating sound physical and mental health practices and therefore advocates that all individuals, especially halachically observant Jews, abide

Your Health: Dehydration

August 1, 2007, by

It’s dry and hot outside and you begin to have a headache. You just can’t seem to get enough fluids down and you feel like you’re coming down with the flu. As the afternoon draws near and you feel beat, you’re ready to pass out. But you can’t seem to relax because your heart rate

The Perfect Anorexic: A Young Woman’s Story

September 21, 2005, by

From the pages of Jewish Action “Try my chocolate cake, it’s delicious!” These simple words once struck terror in my heart. As a young woman with an eating disorder, I was terrified to eat anything, especially rich chocolate cake. I was a skinny 13 year old when my fear of gaining weight first surfaced. I