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Large Cholent Bags

February 14, 2006, by

There is a product on the market that comes in rolls, like foil and saran, which is the same as the product that the bags are made of, allowing you to tear off as much as you need. If you cannot find it, let me know and I’ll check my package at home. Pam spray

Vanilla Sugar vs. Extract

February 14, 2006, by

Most recipes that call for vanilla extract are usually sweet one. Although I’ve never made the exchange, I don’t see it making too much of a difference. I always say….experiment, experiment.

Oyster Sauce

February 13, 2006, by

As far as I know, there is not, since oyster sauce contains Extract of Oyster. OUKosher note: The following OU certified companies make kosher artificial flavor oyster sauce (as listed on the OUKosher Product Search): Jen Mai Oyster Sauce (Industrial) Kosher Depot Oyster Flavor Sauce (Consumer) Lotus Blossom Foods Oyster Flavor Sauce (Consumer) Sugar Mill

Baking Chocolate vs. Chocolate Chips

I am surprised you are unable to find the bars. If you let me know where you are located, perhaps I can help you find it. If you plan to melt chocolate, it’s best to buy it in bars. Chips contain less cocoa butter so that they can better hold their shape in cookies, but

Heavy Cream Alternatives

January 20, 2006, by

In regards to replacing Heavy Cream in a soup, here are a few ideas you might want to try. First you might want to puree some of the bulk of the soup in a food processor. Another way is cook up some navy beans or potatoes, and process the same way, blending in as much

Fully Baked Kitke

There are two possible reasons for your problem regarding the baking of your Kitke. The first is that you might be baking at too high a temp and will have  to lower the temperature somewhat. Also it might be that your oven’s calibration is off. You might want to buy an oven thermometer and check

Registering for Cookware

January 20, 2006, by

In regards to what cookware to buy, I happen to be a fan of Anodized aluminum. “Calphalon” brand pots are my favorite and would be great for a fleishig set. If you want to use stainless steel pots for Dairy, buy the ones that have a thick aluminum bottom. You will get better heat distribution. Plain

Delicious Crusty Baguettes

I gather you are looking for techniques to give you a crustier bread. Here are a few suggestions. You might want to try lightly spraying the bread with water at the beginning of baking. A stone, as you mentioned will give you a harder crust on the bottom. If you are making baguettes, you might want

Storing Fresh Dill and Fresh Parsley

If you’ve just harvested herbs from your own garden and you know they haven’t been exposed to pesticides or other contaminants, give them a visual inspection (with a light) for bugs or dirt. If they have neither, there’s no need to wash them before storing. Leaves of fresh herbs are much easier to handle and