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Let’s Meet and Eat Meat!

November 30, 2006, by

James Wolfe is the coordinator of a celebration called Basserfest, which takes place each fall in Washington Heights, New York. Basserfest first started at Columbia University in 1998. The word “basser” is the Hebrew word for “meat.” Shuey (Josh) Fogel and a group of 12 to 15 male university students decided to commemorate Parshat Noach

Newcastle Upon Tyne

After leaving Holland and going back to England to work I settled in Newcastle upon Tyne in the north east of England. It is steeped in history from Roman times. Benwell, in the western suburbs of Newcastle upon Tyne was the site of a fort on Hadrian’s Wall called CONDERCUM. The later name of Benwell

Noodle Kugel: Crunchy Top

September 15, 2006, by

In regards to noodle kugel, I am assuming you are pre-boiling the noodles. Most noodle kugels have a crunchy top. If you would prefer a softer top, you can try one of two things: cover the kugel when you bake it, or Use more of the liquid ingredients to cover the noodles completely. Good Luck

Parve Key Lime Pie

July 29, 2006, by

You should be able to use the PAREVE whipping cream instead. Let me know how it comes out and save me a piece!

A Light and Colorful Summertime Tapestry of Food Memories

June 22, 2006, by

Summertime always brings back memories of my visits “back home” with my family. When my three children (now all married, with families of their own) were young, I would travel to Winnipeg each summer to visit my parents and spend treasured moments with friends and relatives. One of the highlights of my trip was visiting

Nam Pla

Nam Pla is a thin brown fish sauce that is fundamental to Thai food. It’s made by fermenting small whole fish (usually anchovies) in brine and drawing off the liquid, which is then bottled. It smells quite fishy and tastes very salty so use it sparingly as a flavouring and as a condiment (although cooking

Rhubarb: The Diet Essential

Recently I returned home to England for March Break, and was astounded to find every food magazine or restaurant menu full of rhubarb recipes. It has really become very popular, is very good and extremely healthy. We think of rhubarb as a fruit. The first record of its use was in 2700 BCE in China,

Apple Muffins at High Altitude

May 31, 2006, by

After many efforts to contact the company that makes the product, they finally returned my emails and phone calls, responding: “Please excuse the delay in our response. On behalf of Dr. Oetker Ltd., thank you for your inquiry regarding our Apple Cinnamon Muffin Mix. We always appreciate hearing from our Customers and we value the

The Story of Me…and My Yorkshire Pudding Roots

May 11, 2006, by

Hi, My name is Ashley Farnell, a European trained, accomplished chef and “culinary magician.” Once a month I will fill this space with my experiences, food stories from the many places around the world I have worked or visited and regarding the many famous (and not so famous) people I have been fortunate to feed,

The Flavor of Memory

March 10, 2006, by

Food maven Norene Gilletz will be sharing food memories, recipes and recollections in her new column, The Flavor of Memory, a new feature in our newsletter. We hope they will stir up many wonderful memories for you! To submit your own food memories, or comment, please email foodmemories@ouradio.org. Norene Gilletz is the leading author of