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Tantalizing Winter Aromas

November 8, 2007, by

With the change in weather imminent, if not already happening, we all feel the need for some healthy, filling and warm foods. These recipes are a special favorite if you are in search of something warm and delicious to serve your family. And there is little more inviting than walking into from a cold or

Seeker of Lost Recipes and Restorer of Dreams

October 18, 2007, by

A&E’s Dog the Bounty Hunter tracks down fugitives and brings them to justice. The History Detectives on PBS search for clues to unlock mysteries of the past. Just call me the Cookery Sleuth, Seeker of Lost Recipes and Restorer of Dreams. Recently, after giving a talk on Jewish cooking at Temple Beth Tikvah in Fullerton,

Blintz Casserole (from frozen blintzes)

September 24, 2007, by

Try this recipe, Ingredients: 2 packages frozen blintzes 1½ pints sour cream 6 eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla extract ½ cup orange juice ½ cup sugar Cinnamon Instructions: Mix together the sour cream, sugar, vanilla extract, orange juice and eggs. In a large baking pan melt 1 stick of butter/margarine. Put in frozen blintzes and coat

A Warm and Tasty Yom Tov

September 20, 2007, by

Now that Succot is right around the corner and we’re all gearing up for many days of family, friends and guests, let’s do some menu planning together. These recipes can be used for any of the main or intermediary day meals – it can go together as one whole meal plan or it can be

A Harvest of Recipes for Sukkot 5768

September 13, 2007, by

I come from a long line of legendary cooks…and eaters! My mother’s family (the Rabinowitz’s) is huge, and our holiday feasts, or even impromptu get-togethers, were hardly what you might call intimate gatherings. Memories of happy times spent together are inseparable from the tastes and flavors of the dishes we all enjoyed. As we cook

Woven Round Challah

September 5, 2007, by

Yes, that’s correct, a GREAT challah recipe that always works and really does not have eggs in it! If you prefer a good egg challah recipe, visit www.TasteofChallah.com. However, take it from me; this challah recipe is worth the time and effort, it has amazing results! ******************* This is from chapter 2, “Seven Steps to

Freezing Homemade Gefilte Fish

September 4, 2007, by

You can freeze the raw mix for a couple of months. No problem. You can shape it and freeze or freeze in bulk, like in sturdy plastic containers. Which ever way you decide, wrap well in plastic wrap. It will hold much better or you can use Freezer Ziplocs. Comment: Q: My fish is already

It’s Nutrilicious!

August 23, 2007, by

When you are what you eat, it’s important to make the right dietary decisions. After years of research and personal experience, Edith Rothschild is ready to pave the way.