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Eating Matzah All 7 Days of Pesach

March 30, 2023, by

Eating matza on seder night is the one remaining positive Torah mitzva to eat a specific food But is there a continuing mitzva to eat matza throughout all 7 days of Pesach? And, if so, what type of mitzva is that? Delivered at the OU Israel Center, 7 Nisan 5783 / March 29, 2023 Rabbi

Matzah and Lechem Oni: The Chidush of the Maharal

March 28, 2023, by

Delivered at the OU Israel Center, 28 Adar 5783 / March 21, 2023 Rabbi Breitowitz’s Tuesday Shiur is sponsored for the 2023 academic year by Rabbi Refoel and Sharon Auman in memory of their parents, Edith and Reiner Auman, z”l, יונה בן צדוק ז״ל & אסתר ע״ה בת רפאל הי״ד and their son Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu

Making Sense of the Seder

March 28, 2023, by

Delivered at the OU Israel Center, 6 Nisan 5783 / March 28, 2023 Rabbi Goldin’s shiur for the 2023 academic year is sponsored by Dr. and Mrs. Menachem Marcus in Memory of beloved aunts Irma Haas and Hilde Myer For a refuah sheleimah for אברהם מנשה בן חנה ברכה

Haggadah Workshop

March 25, 2023, by

Includes: 1. Ha Lachma Anya, Mah Nishtana, Avadim Hayinu by Yael Dworkin 2. Maaseh B’Rebbi Eliezer, Baruch HaMakom by Rabbi Aaron Goldscheider 3. The 4 Sons, Yachol MeRosh Chodesh by Rabbi Ari Kahn 4. Arami Oved Avi by Rabbi Baruch Taub 5. The 10 Makkot and the Extra Makkot Calculations by Rabbi Ezra Friedman 6.