Forget the Halftime Commercials—Get Ready for Some Torah

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28 Jan 2013

Forget the commercials–are you ready for some Torah?! Tune into the YU Torah Halftime Show.

Today, Super Bowl Sunday, February 3rd, we’re airing YU’s “halftime” show: a series of three brief, exciting and inspiring presentations on “Torah and Sports” topics.

Dynamic speakers include: Mr. Charlie Harary, renowned speaker in the Jewish world, who shows us how some of the most important characteristics of a good quarterback can teach us all how to lead better lives. Rabbi Kenneth Brander shares how being an unafraid outsider might give us the key to succeed, and Mrs. C. B. Neugroschl discusses what makes us continually great.

The show is available for viewing on OU Life all day Super Bowl Sunday, February 3rd. Tune in for something awesome.

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