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Rosh Hashana: Aleinu

September 16, 2020, by

Standing in the Kodesh HaKodashim We recite Aleinu daily, many of us three times a day; perhaps because we have grown so accustomed to saying it, many of us unfortunately do not appreciate the significance and importance of this tefilah.  In fact, we are often mentally on our way to the next part of our day as we

The Sweeping Story of Rosh Hashanah Musaf – in Color!

September 16, 2020, by

Our longest prayer of the year is familiar and uplifting.  But page after page after page, it can be challenging to grasp in its entirety.  This innovative guide for study and prayer summarizes its overall plot, and highlights its themes, structure – and some surprising quirks! Download PDF.

Corona b’Shofar

September 16, 2020, by

A Thought Experiment Let’s assume that Jerusalem is the eye of the universe; the beating heart and soul of Am Yisroel, and all mankind. As we know: From Jerusalem the world was created. From the dust of Jerusalem man was formed. And, both the first lech lecha, and the final lech lecha of the Akeida—the

Rosh Hashanah and the Leg of the Letter Heh

September 14, 2020, by

Background: Exits and Entries The first word we hear from the Chazzan on Rosh Hashanah morning is “המלך – the King,” which is sung with a special melody. According to some commentators, the goal of this practice is in order to accentuate and give emphasis to the opening letter heh in “Hamelech,” for this letter