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Make Ahead Meals for Rosh Hashana

September 18, 2008, by

We are about to come to the Days of Awe, when observant Jews contemplate their lives and their values, their relationships with people and with their Creator. The season begins at sundown on Monday, September 29, 2008. Jewish families throughout the world will celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the New Year 5769. It concludes with Yom Kippur,

Rosh Hashana: Recipes Beneath the Apple Tree

September 17, 2008, by

Why do we specifically dip an apple in honey on Rosh Hashanah? One of the primary reasons why we use an apple is because of its sweetness. Coupled with the added sweetness of the honey, it is symbolic of the ultra-sweet year we hope Gםd will grant us. I suppose, however, that you are asking

Something Sweet, Something Savory: Recipes for Rosh Hashana

September 10, 2008, by

It has been revered since Biblical times as a symbol of fertility, good health and immortality. Celebrated by King Solomon in the Song of Songs, this tangy, many-seeded fruit with its crimson-hued, leathery shell was abundant in the Garden of Eden and is even thought by some scholars to have been the real “apple” that

A Jumble of Holidays

September 10, 2008, by

There’s an old joke in the Jewish community: The High Holidays are always either early or late; they’re never on time! Well, this year they’re late (Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown on September 29th). But aside from that, this year Shabbat begins one day after Yom Kippur ends (the evening on October 10th). Sukkot, of

Second Thoughts: Hidden From Sight

September 10, 2008, by

One morning last week I awoke to a mercifully cloudy sky. After six weeks of blazing sunshine and unrelenting heat, the grey canopy above my head offered both a measure of relief and blissful anticipation of cooler weather and rain. Blessed be the clouds which hide the sun, I mumbled in a silent, personal prayer

Re’eh: Teshuvah

August 28, 2008, by

The day specifically mentioned in the Torah as the day of atonement is the tenth of Tishrei, Yom Kippur, but the entire ten days from Rosh HaShanah until Yom Kippur are also called the “Ten days of repentance”. And to a lesser extent the entire month of Elul is devoted to repentance as well. For

A is for Apples: A-peel-ing Apple Desserts!

October 11, 2007, by

The weather is quickly turning cooler and the days are getting shorter. It’s hard to believe that fall is finally here. When my children were young, they loved to go apple-picking, bringing home bagfuls of apples to use in all sorts of ways. There’s nothing like eating a crisp, juicy apple right off the tree.

Charity Can Overturn a Harsh Judgment

September 20, 2007, by

A Lesson For the Children – On the night of Rosh Hashanah, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai had a dream. In the dream, Rabbi Shimon saw that it was decreed that his sister’s two sons would lose a large sum of six hundred golden Dinars, which they would have to pay to the Roman authorities. Rabbi

Teiglach Recipe

September 10, 2007, by

TRY THIS OUT! HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR Yields about 80 pieces (Parve) Ingredients: Syrup: 1 lb. honey ¾ cup water (plus more if needed) 2 Tablespoons lemon juice 2 cups sugar Dough: 6 eggs 1 Tablespoons ginger ½ Tablespoon salt 3 Tablespoons oil 1 tsp baking powder 3½ cup flour (plus ½ cup or more for

Nitzavim-Vayeilech: Symbolism of the Shofar Blasts

September 6, 2007, by

The Torah tells us that Rosh HaShanah is a “Yom Teruah”, meaning a “day of sounding the shofar” (Bamidbar 29:1). However, the sages of the Talmud inferred from the nuances of the verses that actually we sound a fanfare of three different blasts: a “tekiah”, which is a simple blast; a “teruah”, which is a