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A German-Jewish Chanukah in Upper Manhattan
One of the highlights of Chanukah in Washington Heights is the candlelighting at K’hal Adath Jeshurun (KAJ/”Breuer’s”) and the singing of Maoz Tzur by the KAJ choir between Mincha and Maariv....
Dec 7, 2015
By Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer
Mourning Terror in Israel and France
The recent attacks in Paris were ferocious. We join the world in mourning the loss of life and praying for their families as well as for the recovery of the injured....
Dec 2, 2015
By Rabbi Daniel Friedman
Latkes…Lots of Luscious Latkes
Latkes…Lots of Luscious Latkes
Although potato latkes are a traditional Chanukah treat, why not experiment this year by making latkes with other vegetables? With the recipes below, you can enjoy a different kind of latke...
Sep 9, 2015
By Norene Gilletz
Chanukah Cupcake Menorah
Chanukah Cupcake Menorah
I think this Cupcake “Menorah” (not to replace the real one!) is such a cute and easy idea. You can start with any boxed cake mix recipe and use ready-made frosting...
Sep 7, 2015
By Renee Chernin
Chanukah Delights
Chanukah Delights
In honor of Chanukah, it is traditional to eat foods fried in oil, including luscious latkes and sufganiyot (Israeli-style donuts traditionally filled with jam). Dairy dishes, especially those made with cheese,...
Jul 29, 2015
By Norene Gilletz
No Other Way to Spin This Story
A CBS News report on Chanukah found the OU’s Rabbi Eliyahu Safran front and center – along with his massive collection of dreidels:
Dec 23, 2014
By OU Staff
Chanukah Videos Light up YouTube
The Maccabeats perform “All About that Neis” a parody of the similar-sounding Meghan Trainor song: Jewish a capella group Six13 struck Internet gold this week with their new Chanukah video/song –...
Dec 16, 2014
By OU Staff
Slice of Life: “C” is for Chanukah Cookie
Slice of Life: “C” is for Chanukah Cookie
Chanukah and cookies are two words that always seem to go together (along with latkes and sufganyot, of course). We all have family favorites that, if not served, will cause a...
Dec 10, 2014
By Eileen Goltz
Jazz Up Your <em>Latkes</em> and Chanukah Dessert With Jamie Geller
Jazz Up Your Latkes and Chanukah Dessert With Jamie...
She chaloshes over these.
Dec 7, 2012
By Jamie Geller
Chanukah: A Generation in Need of Rededication
Chanukah: A Generation in Need of Rededication
They chafe against a “lifestyle” they feel is restrictive and complain that being religious simply is not “fun."
Dec 5, 2012
By Rabbi Eliyahu Safran

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