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Vayeishev: Placement of the Chanukah Menorah

December 14, 2006, by

The Talmud rules that the ideal way of fulfilling the mitzva of Chanukah lights is by lighting them at the entrance to the house, so that they are clearly visible to passers-by. However, our Sages continue, when there is danger in doing so – because of hostile non-Jews – it is sufficient to light the

No, Virginia, Judah Maccabee Doesn’t Do Presents

December 14, 2006, by

Only adults of a certain age can remember when department stores waited until after Thanksgiving to put up their Christmas displays. Not so today. Not in the land of CalendarWarp where Halloween comes in August, Easter arrives in February (mid-month, two days after the Valentine candy, which has been displayed long before Ground Hog Day,

Love the Latkes

December 14, 2006, by

When the days are short and the long, cold nights descend early, the Festival of Chanukah arrives. This year Chanukah begins on Friday evening, December 15th. The flickering lights of the Chanukah menorah (chanukiah) will join the lights of the Shabbos candles. Once again we recall the miracle that took place over 2,000 years ago,

The Silver Menorah

December 13, 2006, by

The story of this silver menorah is the story of four generations spanning three countries. Rochel, a woman of vision, who left Lithuania as a young girl in 1905, and brought up her family in South Africa. Helen, her strong willed daughter, who abandoned her comfortable lifestyle in South Africa for the fledgling State of

Prashat Vayeshev, Shabbat Chanukah: Disproportionate Quantities

December 13, 2006, by

BS”D Parshat Vayeshev and First Shabbat of Chanuka 5767 Notwithstanding the differences of time and substance which exist between the episode of Yosef in the parsha and the miracles of Chanukah, both present us with problems relating to disproportionate quantities.In the parsha, Yosef, a young man of seventeen, is sent by his father to inquire