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Billable Hours: How Do We Spend Our Time?

September 13, 2011, by

Ask anyone who has had professional contact with an attorney and you will hear about the concept of ‘billable hours’. In lawyer parlance, any time spent on behalf of a client, be it on the phone, in an email, doing research, writing a motion or appearing in court (just to name the basics) is billed

A Man Alone, and in Community

August 31, 2011, by

“Repent, Harlequin!” said the Ticktockman… So begins a short story by science fiction writer Harlan Ellison. In it, the character of the Harlequin is effectively “chased down” by the unrelenting Ticktockman. I am not prepared to critique this short story, nor am I able to determine all the symbolism intended by Ellison. What I do

Remember, God is a Political Independent!

June 14, 2011, by

Howie Beigelman is Deputy Director of Public Policy for the OU’s IPA | Institute for Public Affairs. The following Op–Ed first appeared in New Jersey Jewish News prior to Shavuot on June 3, 2011. The views represented herein, like his weekly Politics & Parsha blog, are his own and reflect neither psak or policy of the OU. During the

Civility: What the Sages Had to Say

January 25, 2011, by

In the aftermath of the tragic shooting in Tucson, “civility” is the word on everyone’s lips. This is ironic when one considers that civility is nowhere to be found in anyone’s actions. Each partisan faction is charging the other with hatred and violence. The rhetoric being bandied about is beyond ridiculous. Tom Lehrer once said,

The Greatest Test of All

January 12, 2011, by

A RICH CHASID came to his Rebbe for a blessing. “What is the conduct of your household, and what table do you set from day to day?” asked the Rebbe. “My household is conducted with great simplicity,” said the rich man. “My own meal consists of dry bread and salt.” Full of indignation, the Rebbe

Every Day is Yom Kippur

September 11, 2010, by

When I’m on vacation, I do it all the way. Not only does my physical self go off-duty; my mind, too, takes off on a leave of absence I know not where. This means that one summer when I as a young mother was visiting relatives in America, it was very hard to carry my

Rosh Hashana is Not Groundhog’s Day

August 31, 2010, by

I have two unique talents. I can close my eyes and fall asleep within 10 seconds, and once asleep, I can sleep through a tornado. These abilities are heaven-sent. Because of my busy schedule, I sleep very little at night. I am able to keep going by sleeping on the train to and from work.

Bear Stearns, Bava Metzia and Beyond

July 29, 2010, by

Two years ago, in the midst of the deepening global financial crisis, Andrew Neff – a leading Wall Street equity analyst at Bear Stearns – was directly affected when his company failed. While he could have stayed on with the acquiring firm, he used it as an opportunity to pull away from the business world