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The Lesson of Diane Sawyer

March 29, 2006, by

I was fifteen years old and engaging in one of my favorite pastimes – watching the television news. It was the fall of 1984, in the midst of the re-election campaign of then President Ronald Reagan. Not yet jaded by the political process, I had become even more of a news junkie than I normally

A Gift Called “Reizy”

December 1, 2005, by

This true story is written as heard from Tzippy, the woman involved. She agreed to tell over her personal story so that its profound message could influence and encourage as many people as possible. Tzippy pointed to a framed picture on the sideboard in her dining room. I couldn’t help but smile at the cherubic

My Rat’s Tale

November 9, 2005, by

Early one morning, I entered my kitchen and found a persimmon and an apple partly gnawed. Bits of persimmon skin were splattered on my kitchen counter. Horrified and disgusted, I shrieked for my husband. He called the exterminator. The exterminator verified that it was a rat, not a mouse. He set three rat traps with

The Ancient Infant Within Us

October 11, 2005, by

You and I know what it’s like, because we’re both human: the sense of innocence, and of having been wronged. The keen desire to craft some put-down that will diminish the other person as he has diminished us, to put him back down and ourselves back up; to restore our dignity as it must be

The Perfect Anorexic: A Young Woman’s Story

September 21, 2005, by

From the pages of Jewish Action “Try my chocolate cake, it’s delicious!” These simple words once struck terror in my heart. As a young woman with an eating disorder, I was terrified to eat anything, especially rich chocolate cake. I was a skinny 13 year old when my fear of gaining weight first surfaced. I

Talk or No Talk?

September 15, 2005, by

From the pages of Jewish Action When my wife and I were first married, we traveled to England. Attending to mundane matters upon our arrival, I needed a haircut. I went to a barbershop in London and as I sat down in the barber’s chair, he asked me, “Talk or no talk?” I had never