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Nam Pla

Nam Pla is a thin brown fish sauce that is fundamental to Thai food. It’s made by fermenting small whole fish (usually anchovies) in brine and drawing off the liquid, which is then bottled. It smells quite fishy and tastes very salty so use it sparingly as a flavouring and as a condiment (although cooking

Rhubarb: The Diet Essential

Recently I returned home to England for March Break, and was astounded to find every food magazine or restaurant menu full of rhubarb recipes. It has really become very popular, is very good and extremely healthy. We think of rhubarb as a fruit. The first record of its use was in 2700 BCE in China,

Apple Muffins at High Altitude

May 31, 2006, by

After many efforts to contact the company that makes the product, they finally returned my emails and phone calls, responding: “Please excuse the delay in our response. On behalf of Dr. Oetker Ltd., thank you for your inquiry regarding our Apple Cinnamon Muffin Mix. We always appreciate hearing from our Customers and we value the

Shavuot… Such Dairy Good Memories!

May 25, 2006, by

Although Judi Permut lives in Israel and I live in Toronto, we share many common memories despite the fact that we’ve never met. We’re both originally from Winnipeg and we both love to cook. Apparently, our mothers knew each other before Judi’s family made aliya to Israel over 30 years ago. Even our grandparents knew

Ashley Farnell: The Culinary Magician

May 12, 2006, by

Culinary Magician, Ashley Farnell, once described as the “King of Kosher”, shares his outstanding recipes, and entertaining stories of his adventures feeding the famous, and the not so famous. His credits include musicians, sports teams, politicians, and many a private dinner party. For questions, comments, or to book the Culinary Magician, email ashley@ouradio.org.

The Story of Me…and My Yorkshire Pudding Roots

May 11, 2006, by

Hi, My name is Ashley Farnell, a European trained, accomplished chef and “culinary magician.” Once a month I will fill this space with my experiences, food stories from the many places around the world I have worked or visited and regarding the many famous (and not so famous) people I have been fortunate to feed,

Vegetables and Chow Mein

May 4, 2006, by

4 servings Ingredients: 4 cups Pareve broth 2 cups Diced celery 1 cup Diced onion 1 cup Chopped cabbage (bok choy if available) 2 Tablespoons oil 1½ cups Sliced fresh mushrooms 1½ cups Fresh bean sprouts 2 Tablespoons dark molasses 1 Tablespoon soy sauce 4 to 5 Tablespoons cornstarch 1 can chow mein noodles Instructions: In

Memories of Matzo Balls: Chicken Soup for the Bowl!

April 6, 2006, by

My version of the song “Memories” is a bit different than the one Barbra Streisand made famous… Memories Of the chicken soup we ate Misty golden-colored memories, Of the “weigh” we were!   Tasty memories Of Mom’s special matzo balls Light and fluffy in our soup bowl Ah, the “weigh” we were!   Can it

Spicy Tuna for Sushi

March 10, 2006, by

Since Sushi is not one of my specialties, I consulted my nephew Chef David, who is a real Sushi fanatic. Here is his response. # # #Spicy Tuna is a funny thing. There are hundreds of different recipes out there. There are two ways that I make it that I think are the best, or

Duncan Hines Yellow Cake

March 10, 2006, by

Here is a basic yellow cake recipe: Let me know if it works for you. I always like to hear from my followers. Ingredients: ¾ cup margarine, butter or shortening 1½ cups granulated sugar 3 eggs ¾ cup milk (or pareve soy milk) 1 teaspoon almond extract 2¼ cups cake flour 2½ teaspoons baking powder