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Alfredo Sauce

September 16, 2015, by

Fettuccine al burro, the original Italian name of Alfredo sauce, was concocted in 1914 by Alfredo di Lelio, the owner of Alfredo’s restaurant in Rome. Word of the wonderful sauce spread and hungry travelers came from all over Italy came to taste it. Someone loved it so much they brought the recipe back to the

Mock Crab Recipes

September 13, 2015, by

Seeing as I write about food, I tend to get a lot of emails and letters from my reader with all kinds of foodie questions. Some readers are looking for recipes; others want help with a cooking dilemma (or disaster) while others have questions that they just gotta get the answers to. For the most

Low-Fat Recipes

September 9, 2015, by

You can use regular or low-fat dairy products in these recipes, but be careful when substituting no-fat products in baking, as they contain a higher percentage of water and that can alter the final results significantly (as in, it won’t turn out the way you want it to).


September 9, 2015, by

I am not a food snob, but, if the only pepper you’ve ever used is the pre-ground stuff, your taste buds will thank you once they’ve tried the freshly ground stuff. The outer shell of the peppercorn seals in the pungent bite of its flavor. Freshly grinding your peppercorn cracks the outer shell and releases

Macaroni & Cheese

September 8, 2015, by

Ah the rains of fall. The drenching, cold, wet, bone numbing weather that makes me long to curl up with a nice big dish of my favorite comfort food (macaroni and cheese) and let me forget, for a moment, that the rest of the world is putting up their storm windows. I was actually reminded

Chanukah Cupcake Menorah

September 7, 2015, by

I think this Cupcake “Menorah” (not to replace the real one!) is such a cute and easy idea. You can start with any boxed cake mix recipe and use ready-made frosting or make your favorite basic cake and frosting recipe. Make a healthier choice using recipes for Banana Bread or Carrot Cake. Just bake them

Cooking with Basil

September 7, 2015, by

It’s that time of year when I’ve got to get a handle on cleaning up the plot of land I loosely call my garden. The tomato plants are pretty much picked clean and the peppers are gone (not that they were ever there to any great extent). My sunflowers are just a memory and the

Rice Pudding

September 7, 2015, by

Like many other well-loved comfort foods, rice pudding recipes have a long and delicious history. It’s believed to have originated, as a recipe, in the Middle East as a kind of porridge like dish made up of several indigenous grains. Rice puddings are a staple in many cuisines that have rice as a staple, usually


September 7, 2015, by

The old saying “you say tomato I say tomatoe” is never more true than in the foodie realm of stuffed dough pockets. In some cultures they’re called calzones, other empanadas or perhaps the word you prefer pierogi or in my world the bourekas. Basically we’re talking about an all in one hand held meal or


September 7, 2015, by

What is buttermilk? Does buttermilk contain butter? Inquiring minds want to know. So many people labor under the misconception that buttermilk is a buttery, high-fat milk-ly drink. Nope, surprise, surprise there is no butter in buttermilk. Rather this slightly sour liquid is what’s left over after the “butter” has been churned out of it. Old